The year is 2277 and life as you know it is about to change drastically.  All you've ever known is life inside of Vault 101, your best friend Amata, dear old dad and the Overseer.  Everything you have ever known to be true is about to be challenged as your father leaves the comfort of the vault for the Capital Wasteland.  

If you have ever played "Fallout 3", then you know just how engrossing this game is.  You have your good, bad and neutral factions and can play it all through several times over and still get different results each time.  If the good folks over at Bethesda ever got together with a movie production company in order to make "Fallout 3" a movie, then here is who we would have playing each pivotal role:


Played By : Liam Neeson 

- Obviously.  Neeson actually voiced the role of our dear father in the game and he seems like a natural choice.  He's got the demeanor of a man on a mission and someone who would protect his offspring at all costs.