There are two types of TV nerds, the first comprise many of the Starpulse staff, geeks totally in love with TV. Our biggest conundrums tend to revolve around choosing whether to DVR Bones on Monday or just pay for it on iTunes because Greek and The Big Bang Theory are already set to be recorded.

The second type of TV nerds is the geeky television characters us normal nerds strive to become. Sadly we have no hope of achieving such levels of nerdvana so for now we're just going to look at some of the best TV nerds currently making the airwaves a bit smarter.

Chuck (Chuck)
Chuck sure has a lot going on in his head, including several thousand government secrets. Sure beats the average nerd's head filled with Star Trek trivia. So what if Chuck is the least nerdy looking guy in the history of television, he'd have less of a chance with his hot blonde handler if he looked like the rest of us. Wow, sure is depressing to be an actual nerd.

Dwight (The Office)
Sci-fi and Anime buff with a haircut only a mother could tolerate, Rainn Wilson plays Dwight as a bizarre version of real-world nerds. Too bad he's a bit too gullible to make a difference at Dunder Mifflin, but dammit he gets points for trying.

Henry (Ugly Betty)
For someone described as ugly, Betty sure does get a lot of play. Henry from Accounting is willing to leave his baby mama for our heroine, and for that matter how many nerds have baby mamas? This might have something to do with Christopher Gorham whose portrayal of the timid love interest is betrayed by his obvious affinity for working out. Start hitting the gym fellow nerds.

Garcia (Criminal Minds)
Not a whole lot of nerdy girls on the tube. Most of the time they are just hot women wearing glasses and possibly paint covered overalls. Penelope Garcia, the resident tech expert on "Criminal Minds," puts those other ladies to shame. She's used the FBI computer system to play MMO's (Massively Multiplayer Online Games for you lesser geeks) and even found time to hook up with a fellow office nerd. Can anyone you know get away with giving to half the Behavioral Analysis Unit sexual harassment style nicknames?

Leonard and Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)
The nerdiest TV duo in a long time can be found Monday nights on CBS. Not only is "The Big Bang Theory" extra hilarious to actual nerds (and geeks, some of us prefer to be called geeks), but Leonard and Sheldon are actually believable in the role. These aren't nerds we aspire to be, these are the nerd gods!

Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
Do you believe the Loch Ness Monster gets a bad rap since he is actually a gentle creature? Marshall is your perfect mate then, too bad he already landed Lilly, played by Alyson Hannigan who portrayed Willow, TV's greatest nerdy girl. Nerd breeding surely makes for a stronger next generation. Stronger in the head, not body, we're looking at a frail Generation Z.

Kenneth (30 Rock)
Kenneth the Page was once described by his superior as the man who would be running the company one day, or the man who would kill them all. Raised in the south, Kenneth is the nerd that everyone is slightly afraid of - he's overly friendly and respectful, slightly inhuman. This is one man who should not be trusted.

Lisa (The Simpsons)
She's been eight years old for almost 20 years, and she's still smarter than someone three times her age. Lisa Simpson is the diamond in one of the roughest families ever put on television, and for that she is to be commended. Now if only the writers can give her more to do than star in strange Elementary School Evita parodies.

Brennan (Bones)
The title character of "Bones" is quite possibly the hottest socially inept woman on the planet. Though she has become a bit more pop culture knowledgeable in the past three years, Brennan is still good for at least a few "I don't understand that reference" type lines each season. Aw heck, every squint at the Jeffersonian should be on this list, we love those guys.

Hiro (Heroes)
This nerd can actually save the world. With a little help from 50 hot people, but still, Hiro has heart. His comic book geekiness leads him on a journey to save New York, then travels back in time to face off against an immortal villain. Any normal nerd would cower in a corner, but Hiro is a hero…oh, just got that pun.

Rusty (Greek)
Can a nerd rush a fraternity? He can if his sister is Kelsey Grammer's daughter. Will this physics focused guy be able to balance Greek life with his studies? Probably not, but that's what makes Greek the best show for recent college graduates, those of us who wished we were manly enough nerds to party on Greek Row.

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Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer