Every since the strike, there have been so many reality shows popping up all over the place. I haven't been the biggest fan of the reality TV scene. Most of the reality is scripted or instigated by producers. Or, as seen lately, a desperate attempt to film time slots. Luckily, I have found three saviors of the reality TV genre that I tune in to. A doctor, a tattoo artist and a mom and dad of eight kids have made reality TV enjoyable to watch again.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
From "Loveline" to the Pasadena Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Drew Pinsky has found his way into giving some celebrities a second chance at a clean start. Tune into VH1 to see Brigitte Nielson, Chyna, Mary Carey and others battle a number of addictions in a no-nonsense medical facility.

What hooked me to watch in the first place was Dr. Drew. Who hasn't listened to "Loveline?" He's the perfect personality to balance out all the drama, detoxifications, tantrums, sexual misconducts and very graphic withdrawals. In the midst of all the press that out-of-control celebs get in Hollywood, it's about time that there's a program that shows the harsh reality of substance abuse. Plainly put, rehab isn't cute.

LA Ink
I love Kat Von D and "LA Ink." It's fun to drive by and see the bright yellow building that borders West Hollywood. You can't miss it. Kat brings three other great tattoo artists to the shops and opens for business, saying that every tattoo has a story.

Amazing art work, incredible people and unforgettable memories have walked in and out of High Voltage Tattoo. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll relate, despite the number of tattoos that may or may not grace your body.

Jon & Kate Plus 8
Jon meets Kate and falls in love. They have lovely twin girls. After loving having kids so much, they try for just one more. They have six more, at the same time. TLC gives them their own show.

Usually, parent and kid shows turn me off. You know, those emergency nannies for spoiled, unruly children shows that would serve well as a campaign for abstinence. However, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is very different. Two loving parents who are in it together through it all, raise their kids as best as they know how. They teach manners, politeness, sharing, the usual stuff. But it's not a boot camp or the perfect household. The parents disagree, the kids have their timeout corner, and there are six little ones in diapers. An unscripted reality show, fancy that?

Story by Destiny Lopez
Starpulse.com contributing writer