Even though we might not always admit it, we love reality television. It's hard not to because reality TV brings viewers entertaining and shocking moments, leaving viewers wanting more.

Followig is a look at some of the most popular reality shows that people can't help but watch week after week:

American Idol
"American Idol" made its Fox debut on June 11, 2002, and has now become one of the most popular shows on American television. The show originated from the 2001 British reality program "Pop Idol." The show has given us talented singers like Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Jordin Sparks. We also have "American Idol" to thank for bringing us Simon Cowell and contestants like Sanjaya Malakar.

The Hills
"The Hills" is one of the most talked about reality shows in television, but not all the talk is good. "The Hills" is a spin-off of the other popular MTV series Laguna Beach. Originally MTV presented the spin-off to "Laguna Beach" alum Kristen Cavallari, but she turned them down and the offer went to Lauren Conrad. "The Hills" stars Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and the now infamous couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, now known as Speidi. Comedy shows and comedians spoof the series all the time, but we all can't seem to help but get hooked on this "reality series."

Trading Spaces
Even though Paige Davis left, and came back again, "Trading Spaces" is one of favorite reality shows. It is a popular TLC series where two neighbors switch houses and redecorate one room. The catch - they have two days to finish and only have a budget of $1,000. When you mix in some of the crazy designs from the designers, to the shocked reactions from the homeowners, the reveals on "Trading Spaces" make for some great TV moments.

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
We were introduced to the series in 2002 where Alex Michel was looking for love. "The Bachelor" follows a single man who is courted by 25 single women. We watch as he goes on a series of dates and usually instantly we watch women fall madly in love with a man they have only known for 24 hours and spent maybe 25 seconds with. Each week during the rose ceremony, the Bachelor has to eliminate the women he doesn't a connection with. After the show wraps and all the romantic trips and dinners are gone, the relationships never really survives in the real world. Out of the 12 seasons, two couples remain together: season six bachelor Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado and season 12 bachelor Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas.

After Trista Rehn became the runner-up in the first season of "The Bachelor," ABC decided to do a spin-off called "The Bachelorette." They gave Trista a second chance at finding love. The premise is exactly like "The Bachelor," just 25 single men instead of women. So far, Trista is the only successful Bachelorette. She and Ryan Sutter married in 2003, which of course was broadcasted on ABC. They welcomed their first child Maxwell Alston in July 2007.

What Not To Wear
Have a bad wardrobe? Well be careful, you might end up on the popular TLC program "What Not To Wear." Each week Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are on the hunt for the worst dressed people in America to give them a new $5,000 wardrobe, along with a new hair cut and makeup tips. America loves makeover shows, so it's no surprise that millions of viewers tune in each week to see Stacy and Clinton help people dress better.

Dancing With The Stars
"Like American Idol," "Dancing With The Stars" is a show based off the United Kingdom BBC Television series "Strictly Come Dancing." The show has become an instant hit that it's now a Primetime Emmy Award-nominated and People's Choice Award winning reality show. The show pairs a celebrity with a professional ballroom dancer, and each week a celebrity is voted until it reaches the finale three. Those three couples battle it out for the "Dancing With the Stars" trophy.

So You Think You Can Dance
For those not familiar with SYTYCD, it's the dancing version of "American Idol." The series premiered in 2005 with producers on the hunt for America's best dancer. With a mixture of dancers, each person has to work their way through a rigorous audition process and over the course of the show have to dance a different style to test their versatility.

America's Next Top Model
Thousands come out to audition, but only one can be the next top model. Premiering in 2003, the show follows aspiring models that want to start their career in the already tough modeling industry. ANTM is currently the CW's highest rated series, and the show will continue at least through the 2009-10 season.

Project Runway
"Project Runaway" is a Peabody Award winning reality series that airs on Bravo that focuses on fashion designers. Contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes in hopes of being the next winner. Each challenge requires the designers to create a garment from non-traditional materials (i.e., recycled materials, items from a grocery store) or designing for a certain person, corporate fashion line, or specialized theme. Once the deadline has been reached, the designers need to dress their models and select their hair, make-up and accessories prior to the models walking the runway.

Moment of Truth
Remember when you were young and adults would always say the truth will set you free? In this case, the truth can win you a jackpot of $500,000. The twist is, these questions are extremely personal and could potentially end a relationship and end a career. Before going on stage, a contestant is hooked up to a polygraph and asked more than 50 questions. On the show, he or she is asked 21 of those same questions, each question becoming more and more personal. Once the contestant answers the question, the polygraph will either say true of false. The more he or she answers truthfully, the more money that person wins.

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Story by Angie Rentmeester
Starpulse.com contributing writer