In Hollywood, you've got show-stopping performances and eye-popping beauties. But what about those Hollywood beauties whose eyes just pop? Some celebrities are recognized by their plunger lips, or by their adorable pair of dimples, while others are distinguished by their bulging peepers. The bug-eye feature is very hit or miss, however. On one hand, bug-eyes have the ability to create unconventional gorgeosity in a person, but on the other hand, they are also capable of making good faces go Muppet.

Christina Ricci falls into the former category of bug-eyed celebrities. Her sizeable peepers are reminiscent of the large, doe-eyes of Disney Princesses like Snow White and Ariel, and they only enhance her level of attractiveness. Fittingly, Christina made her acting debut in the film "Mermaids" starring opposite Cher and Winona Ryder. Since then, Christina and her Bratz doll eyes have been featured in over 30 films, including "Speed Racer," "The Opposite Of Sex," and of course, "The Addams Family," in which her giant peepers traded in their doe-eyed sparkle for dreary stoicism as the all together ooky Wednesday Addams.