New York City has been a focal point of art, music and movies for generations. And why not? It is a city full of life, culture and excitement. Trend setting and worldly, the city that never sleeps has been a big influence in Hollywood. Check out our 10 favorite New York City movies. This is not a list of the top 10 movies filmed in New York but a list films that make the city the leading lady!

10. Sex and The City

Like the HBO series before it, this new blockbuster gives a great deal of its success to the city that made it. This film not only shows all sides to the city but every season from Fashion Week to Fleet Week!

9. Spider-Man

What better backdrop for a superhero than New York? The Big Apple got the royal treatment in this film with major cameos from the New York public Library, the 6 Train and the Hudson River.

8. Wall Street

"Greed is good," according to Gordon Gecko, a high-rolling corporate stockbroker in "Wall Street." This film is definitely a New York classic.

7. Ghostbusters

When you think of films in the 80s, "Ghostbusters" will probably come to mind. And when you think "Ghostbusters" you think of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man taking over downtown Manhattan. This film made New York its biggest star.

6. Saturday Night Fever

Focusing on the disco wave in New York City, this film stands out even today as a snapshot in time. John Travolta is at his best, and the city is at its most decadent.

5. Do The Right Thing

While many Spike Lee movies take place in Harlem, this one shows the dynamics that make up a culturally diverse Brooklyn in the explosive 80s. Iconic characters like Radio Rayhem, Mookie and Flatbush make this film a part of New York Film history.

4. The Godfather

This is the New York that legends are made of. The New York mob culture was unspoken and really un-romanticized before Al Pacino and Marlon Brando took it head on in this classic.

3. The Warriors

This movie paints a perfect map of New York - how to get around and what to wear. Shot in 1979 when New York was a much darker and rougher place, this movie centers on a gang who crosses the territory of rivals in order to get back to Coney Island.

2. When Harry Met Sally

This classic film is filled with landmark and iconic scenes. You don't get much more New York that Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and Katz's Deli.

1. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Talk about old New York - this film has all the style and grace of the classic Park Ave. Think Broadway, think Herry Bendel, and think Tiffany's!

What films instantly make you think of the Big Apple? Make a comment!

Story by Iyana Gregory
Starpulse contributing writer