Katy Perry just got her nose pierced, and she shared a very cringe-worthy short video of the deed on her Instagram page on Friday.

The singer, 29, simply exclaimed, "oww," once the piercer's needle had gone all the way through. It was quick, but not exactly painless.

"Last time I did this I was on my own with a safety pin & cube of ice @ 13. This time I thought it was best I left it to the pro's. Sorry mom (again)," she wrote along with the video clip.

Sixteen years ago, when Katy asked her mother if she could have it done she was denied permission, but went ahead and did it herself anyway!

"I asked my mother permission so I could get my nose pierced. And of course she didn't give it to me, she said it was ridiculous and she wasn't gonna do that," she told Jay Leno during a June 2012 interview.

"So she then went on an errand, so I took a safety pin and a piece of ice and I pierced my own nose," she adds.

While Katy's first piece of nose jewelry was "just a little diamond," it was ultimately removed and she's had a "horrible scar" there ever since. We're expecting her to post a photo with some jewelry in it any day now, but so far it's just Katy with a big needle sticking through her nostril. Oww, indeed.

The singer is currently rumored to be one of the frontrunners to headline this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Billboard.com points out that the singer has a big break between legs of her "PRISMATIC" world tour beginning on December 20. She won't play again until February 16, 2015, when she takes the tour to Europe.