As usual the 'Two Jews On Film' disagree on some of their Oscar picks..but the one thing we do agree on...2010 was a great year for movies.

The nominated films and performances inspired us, entertained us and in some cases enlightened us.

With 'The King's Speech', 'The Fighter' and '127 Hours' we felt what it takes to overcome obstacles.  

In 'True Grit' we experienced once again The Coen Bros brilliant take on another genre.  And of course there was that funny, insightful film ('The Kids Are Alright') that redefined what it is to be a family.

'Toy Story 3'...well that was Pixar at its best.  Who could ever imagine an animated film touching our hearts as this film did.  We musn't forget the crazy ballernina ('The Black Swan') that kept us up nights...Or that small independent film, 'Winter's Bone' that somehow got noticed in the midst of all these big budget films.  

I know the Oscars are all about the Best Picture...Best Actor...but in the end, the Academy members vote for their own personal favorites.  So whether my favorites win or lose, come Sunday I'll be at my annual Oscar party, watching Anne Hathaway and James Franco do their thing and hope that the speeches won't be too long or too boring.  Every once in awhile, something surprising happens at the Oscars...something you remember long after the awards have been given out...And maybe this coming Sunday, will be no exception.