Naomi Campbell was left red-faced after the strap on her dress snapped in front of a host of party guests - partly revealing her breasts. The sexy supermodel had been entertaining her star-studded friends at a lavish bash at a top New York hotel when the strap to her brown mini-dress gave way.

Naomi shrieked in horror but quickly managed to cover herself and rushed off to repair the fault before anyone could catch more than a glimpse of her exposed body, according to the New York Daily news. The catwalk beauty later re-appeared looking radiant with her dress fixed.

Guests at the festive party included rapper Diddy, music mogul Damon Dash and comic actor Chris Tucker. Tucker was later seen at the bash mimicking Michael Jackson's famous crotch-grabbing dance moves after the DJ played the eccentric singer's classic hit 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough'.