Last night's "One Tree Hill" season six premiere episode rocked the televisions of hardcore OTH fans all across the country. Since its debut in 2003, characters from the Tree Hill community infiltrated our lives with their frequent predicaments and exciting drama-filled days. Friends were made, hearts were broken and vows were spoken. Lives were altered, friends grew apart and futures were born. As season five came to a close, it was only filling for creator Mark Schwahn to leave fans hanging as Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) proposed to the love of his life. (FYI, if you have not seen the newest episode, beware of spoilers!)

Throughout our time, how important are those who made significant impacts on our life? During our five-year journey through Tree Hill, it's obvious those impacts can be positive or negative. You can meet the girl of your dreams after her car breaks down or find your soul mate simply because he's flunking math. You can take a hobby through its own career evolution or allow jealousy to consume your inner being. Monday night's episode was entitled "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream," foreshadowing partly of what was to come. But didn't everyone at some point touch some one, ultimately affect them, throughout the hour - with or without a scream?

Maybe the title had nothing to do with anything scary or negative. Instead maybe it captured the most anticipated moment of our Tree Hill days: Lucas and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) finally coming together. Finally getting married. Seeing the two of them together created nothing but a "pinch me" moment. Could this be for real? Could the two of them really be together for good? No more Lindsey, no more games? Yes…

Could it metaphorically be speaking about the connection and bond created between Q and little Jamie. Perhaps it represented the love and devotion Mouth (Lee Norris) and Millicent have toward one another, or the sneaky hush-hush love fling between Skills (Antwon Tanner) and Deb Scott (Barbara Alyn Woods).

What about the obvious red flag - Nanny Carrie's abrupt appearance probably shocked even the smartest of us all. On the flip side, who can be surprised at all that Dan Scott's (Paul Johansson) behavior affected someone else, and not in a positive way? Dan's several brushes with death coupled with his failed suicide attempt has only created larger problems for the former mayor. His actions toward the once sweet-tempered nanny may finally have led him to his deathbed. Could Dan join his brother sooner rather than later?

Brooke Davis' (Sophia Bush) relationship with her irrational mother, Victoria, continued o clash as the young designer forbid her mother's presence in the company, as well as in her life. Unfortunately, some people cannot take no for an answer. While we currently are unaware of whom Brooke's last-minute attacker was definitely can be confident that her mother was involved somehow. Could Brooke's attack be the catalyst to solving the complications in her life, professionally and personally?

Stay tuned next week for Part Two of "One Tree Hill's" season six opener!

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Story by Kathryn Sparks
Starpulse contributing writer