With Termie out of the picture and The General thinking that everyone is dead, the gang on Prison Break has a little window in which to find Scylla before it is moved. Will they take advantage of this opportunity? Or will Bellick's death be in vain?


Everyone is in a very somber mood after Bellick's sacrifice. It is kind of hard to believe that the level of grief the gang is feeling over Bellick's death is so high, as until quite recently he was despised by pretty much all of the major characters. Then again, these guys (and gal) have been through quite a lot together (easily enough to fill two or three TV series), and when you think of it that way, the loss of Bellick (Wade Williams) is a significant one for all of the major characters (and the audience). Plus, Wade Williams is awesome.

Agent Self (Michael Rapaport), who once promised that the bodies of any members of the group who were killed in action would be shipped back to next of kin, tries to go back on his word. This leads to an uproar/mini-riot, and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) charges Self and starts screaming things in Spanish, as he is known to do when upset. Why would he be upset, you may ask? Well, Sucre and Bellick had become quite close this season (especially after that sweet road trip with Bellick's mom), and he doesn't take too kindly to Self symbolically dropping trou and defecating all over the memory and sacrifice of poor Braddy B.

The episode actually did provide a relatively poignant (for "Prison Break" at least) send-off for Bellick, something it the series hasn't really done for any of the dozens of important characters who have fallen before him (still waiting for that Haywire tribute); but more on that a little later on. Let's first venture back to the world of the living.

Lincoln and Sucre should never be left in charge of anything

Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), after learning from her *gulp* lover The General (Leon Russom) that Scylla will be moved, decides to hand over all of the bird book pages to Michael (Wentworth Miller) so that he can expedite the Scylla stealing process. The gang soon realizes that the blueprints provided in the book are useless - they need to be decoded. The only person who can decode them is the creator of the Scylla lair, a genius named David Baker, who happened to write his name in the book for use in situations just like this one. Michael uses his brilliant mind to deduce that they need to find David Baker if they are to have any hope of reaching Scylla. That Mikey, he's a sharp one.

There is a slight complication though. At about the same time, over in Company land (just a building away), The General is ordering his non-Gretchen lover to fetch the very same David Baker, so that he can move Scylla as quickly as possible. The race is on (that sounds like a Fox promo).

Michael is all ready to lead the mission when he suddenly comes down with another one of his headache/seizures. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) forces him to go to the hospital with her, leaving him out of commission for the episode. The capable Mahone (William Fichtner
) goes to search for David Baker, but unfortunately that leaves the brain trust of Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Sucre to work on breaking into the Scylla storage room. One can assume that disaster will ensue, and naturally it does. Within minutes of going beneath T-Bag's office and arriving outside of Scylla's chamber, Sucre steps on land mine, which he then must continue to stand on (because otherwise it would explode). Lincoln, helpful as always, panics and screams. And sweats.

Keith Szarabajka alert!

While Michael is getting an MRI and Lincoln and Sucre are endangering both the mission and their lives, Mahone goes to meet with David Baker. Baker is an eccentric genius who has a dream of creating a city that is completely self-sufficient, kind of like New Detroit in "Robocop" (only with less ED-209's). If portrayed by a normal, everyday actor, Baker would not be a particularly memorable character. However, he is played by none other than character actor extraordinaire Keith Szarabajka, perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Angel's nemesis Daniel Holtz on "Angel." Oh "Angel," you are still missed.

So Mahone and Holtz (much cooler name than David Baker) discuss ethics and responsibility, but their nice little conversation is cut short by the arrival of a couple of Company thugs who are looking for Baker. Baker is caught by The Company, but Mahone manages to escape. As he drives away, he is stopped by Baker's helpful wife, who gives him a legend that will allow the gang to decode the Scylla blueprints. With that information in his hands, Mahone rushes to Scylla and manages to get Sucre off of the landmine without tripping the alarm or blowing anybody up. Quite impressive.

Memories of Bellick

Back to the Bellick memorial. Several never before seen "flashbacks" give a little more insight into Bellick's character, allow some of the other characters to remember him, and give Wade Williams some final screen time. We discover that Bellick, whose crush on Sara was made apparent back in season one, asked her out the first time he met her, offering to take her to Red Lobster (he had a gift card). He was such a classy guy. We also learn a little more about what happened during the Sona riots (which T-Bag started, incidentally), and that Bellick saved Sucre's life.

Bellick also gets to help the gang one more time, albeit indirectly. T-Bag's boss asks him to give a knockout Cole Pfeiffer sermon to a new Gate office, and T-Bag, empowered by the mustache, gives a somber account of his good friend Brad Bellick, who was a C.O. at Fox River (where Cole Pfeiffer used to volunteer of course), and had hopes and dreams that were unfulfilled because he was in the captivity of negativity. It was a speech that rivaled (and perhaps exceeded) T-Bag's "All Cons Are Equal" gem from last season.

Juicy Tidbits

-Michael gets tested at the hospital and learns that he has a rare tumor that is growing rapidly. He needs surgery ASAP or he will die. There's not really much tension there, because if there is one character that won't be killed off, it is Michael. Although it would certainly be one hell of a plot twist if he did die. Come on writers, you can do it!

-When going through Bellick's things, Mahone finds the fake police badge that they used when impersonating cops earlier in the season. Bellick had kept it, and Sucre informs everyone that Bellick had tried (and failed) to get into the police academy five times while at Fox River.

-Turns out that the secretary at Gate is actually a plant sent there by none other than Agent Self, who seems to know a little more than he had originally let on. T-Bag, who gets suspicious of the secretary, pulls her file and calls her reference number, which is Self's cell. Smooth one Donny Boy. Very covert.

Will Michael have the surgery? Does Self know more than he has let on? Should T-Bag just forget all of this and work full-time at Gate (he certainly seems well suited for it)? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer