Day-Umn, 'Once Upon a Time'! Will Emma EVER catch a break? In 'Quiet Minds,' the gang discovered that Snow's mid-wife was the Wicked Witch (considering they never saw her before and she always wore green, it shouldn't've been a shock). Plus, we learn Mr. Gold survived his mid-season sacrifice because the Witch tricked Neal into resurrecting the Dark One in a life-for-life type spell.

At this point, Emma's the black widow of StoryBrooke. She meets a hot guy/Calvin Klein model; they fall in love; he dies; she goes into hibernation. She meets another hot guy; he becomes a 12-year-old boy; she goes into hibernation. She meets a semi-hot guy; he dies, dies, and dies again before FINALLY dying one more time. While the writing staff has CLEARLY paved a path for Hook, you have to ask, HOW is Emma NOT more catatonically depressed in her love life?

Clearly, 2013-2014 is the season for killing off beloved characters from Will on 'The Good Wife' to Carter on 'Person of Interest.' However, like 'The Good Wife''s Alicia, in a few brief minutes, Emma and Neal re-connect as friends, recognize their past feelings for each other, acknowledge the presence of past loves in each other's lives and re-join in companionship before death parts them eternally. I will and won't miss Neal in the 'OUaT' family. While he lacked the fairytale looks and the fairytale personality of Emma's past loves, I loved the sweetly bitter loop of victimized sons blaming evil fathers while sacrificing themselves. Despite viewing the magic practiced by his father as evil, Neal inexplicably and desperately views it as his only solution to preserve his family, like his father before him. The Gold family line is almost cursed. I partially wonder what will happen to Henry, who post-mid-season has quietly faded into the background but also repeated the same mistakes pre-mid-season-finale - believing the combination of magic and self-sacrifice would save all.

I equally applaud Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for not overtly milking the three-person love triangle or the evil father/grandfather/great-grandfather storyline. Despite ripping yet ANOTHER lover from Emma's arms, they impress as writers and producers by continuously giving the audience something new despite exposing their characters to something old. They could've easily stretched the Evil Regina/Good Regina and Evil Pan/Evil Pan into two more years of plot lines. Heck, they could've resurrected Neal as the new Dark One, leading to a different variety of Emma's pain. But, they didn't. Despite creating awesome villain after awesome villain, they allow the characters to grow and meet new villains, without stifling the plot.

I'm definitely looking forward to what happens next. At this point, despite the wide path, the Emma-Hook-ship remains fraught with hurdles. Emma just became a widow for the third time. If the sheer mortality of her lovers doesn't frighten her, she will clearly mourn the loss of a man she loved and lost as a teen, re-connected with and lost in StoryBrooke, re-connected with and lost in Neverland, and re-connected with and lost again for possibly the final time. Can Hook nudge a grieving mother along, considering he's her ex-lover's stepfather? Plus, even if she doesn't remember the long-dead loves, her most recent lover was a monkey and her second StoryBrooke lover, a kid. And, seriously, will Emma EVER catch a break?!

Additional Notes\Thoughts:

- Yup, the writers aren't holding anything back. This week Regina realizes that Robin's her one true love. And, runs. Again.
- On that note, does anyone buy the chemistry between Sean Maguire and Lana Parrilla? His Robin almost seems TOO good.
- Seriously, fairytale characters are the DUMBEST, most TRUSTING group EVER. Regina easily tricked Ariel into buying her Ursula impression. Regina's mother easily tricked Snow. This week, the wicked witch easily tricks Snow, Neal and Belle.
- How hot is insane Robert Carlyle?
- Will we ever see hot geek Chris Gorham return?
- Is it ironic that now he's older, Henry has fewer lines? Is it wrong that I enjoy that? On a side note, kudos to the writers on doing an excellent job in allowing Henry to grow while maintaining his core personae.
- Remember when Gold told Regina's mother she needed to give him her first born? Originally, I thought he wanted to father and take away her first born, hence his training. Then, I thought, he and Regina's mom gave birth to Zelena (due to her green, Rumpelstiltskin-esque skin). While, I still believe that Regina and Zelena are sisters (a fact I'm surprised Regina hasn't noticed), are they going to make Zelena's father OZ as in the Broadway version of 'Wicked'? Will Adele Dazeem ever guest star?
- Will Emma ever get laid?