Yay! We're back from hiatus! And we have an episode with lots of Hook! My dreams have all come true. Let's take a look.

Emma is in New York with Henry, and she's been dating a guy named Walsh for the past eight months. Walsh proposes, but Emma is unable to make a decision right away. Henry encourages her to do what makes her happy. Emma is preoccupied with something else going on in her life - Hook turns up again after showing up at her door and kissing her. He tells her to go to a specific address to prove what he's been saying about her parents. Emma goes to the address and finds out that it's Neal's apartment. She sees a camera in the apartment with Henry's name on it. Emma confronts Hook, who continually insists that her family is in mortal danger and she has to save them. He offers her a potion that will restore her memories, but Emma instead gets him arrested for assault.

However, when Emma gets the pictures on Henry's camera developed, she sees pictures of the two of them together in a place called Storybrooke. She pays Hook's bail and drinks the potion, thus causing her to remember everything. Back at Emma's apartment, Walsh turns up. Emma has to refuse his proposal, because she doesn't want to draw him in to her crazy life. Walsh doesn't take the news so well - in fact, he gets angry at her for mixing things up and reveals that he has been a flying monkey the whole time. Emma is forced to beat him off of her. She now knows that she can never truly escape her destiny as the Savior.

Emma, Hook, and Henry (who still doesn't remember everything) travel to Storybrooke, which has been returned, apparently by another curse. Nobody is really sure what's going on, though. Emma shows up at her parent's house, and is relieved and surprised that David and Mary Margaret remember her. What they don't remember, however, is what happened during the past year. The last thing they remember is saying goodbye to her. Mary Margaret is very pregnant, though!

We do get to see some of what happened in the Fairy Tale land, though... the group shows up near Phillip and a pregnant Aurora. Phillip and Aurora are happy to see everyone, and the group start off towards Regina's castle. Regina and Snow plan on presenting a united front to help calm everyone down. Once the group rides away on horses, Phillip and Aurora have a hushed conversation about what to do - apparently there's some evil "her" that they feel compelled to tell about the arrival of Snow and the others. They are nervous that if they keep their mouths shut, "She" will take it out on their unborn child.

Hook decides to leave the group and hunt down the Jolly Roger. On the way to the castle, Snow catches Regina burying her heart in the woods, overcome with grief about losing Henry. Snow convinces her to keep her heart in her chest, because things will get better. Regina takes Snow's advice. Just then, they are set upon by a flying monkey! Regina is unable to hold it off with her magic, but Robin Hood manages to drive it off with his arrows. The group join up with Robin Hood and his men.

When they arrive at Regina's castle, they see that it has a charm around it, which prevents them from entering. Regina angrily declares that they will find away to take back what's theirs. Robin offers them sanctuary for the time being. During the journey, Neal and Belle talk about Rumplestiltskin. They want to go back to Rumple's castle and see if they can find the dagger. They have hope that he's not really gone.