Omnibus Press is pleased to announce the June 2007 release of Kathleen Mackay's new book, "Bob Dylan: Intimate Insights From Friends And Fellow Musicians." The book is a unique oral history of a major musician who has played a significant role in America's cultural history for the last 40 years. Bob Dylan's friends--from Pete Seeger to Bruce Springsteen to Rosanne Cash to Bono to Tom Petty--offer insight into the singer-songwriter's artistic genius and personality.

His story is told by the musicians who were at his side during the rollicking changes and artistic breakthroughs of the '60s. "Bob Dylan: Intimate Insights From Friends And Fellow Musicians" provides a keen portrait of the friendships that helped shape important musicians whose voices influenced our society as a whole. Herein are insights not only into Dylan's elusive personality, but into the lives of the major musicians of our times.

As Rosanne Cash extols, "This is a book not only about Bob, but about the historical moment in which he developed, arrived and transformed his musical and social surroundings."

Ben Fong-Torres, former senior editor of Rolling Stone adds, "In her book on Bob Dylan, Kathleen Mackay has trained her sights on friends. And when they turn out to include the Beatles, the Band, Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and many others, the results are more than revelatory. They add many colors to the continually emerging portrait of one of the greatest artists of all time."