Olivia Munn had a rough landing on Sunday afternoon while swinging from one of the beams in her living room.

The Newsroom star and a couple of pals set up a playground swing and while Olivia was flying high one side gave out, sending the actress crashing to the floor.

Thankfully, she got it all on video and was kind enough to share it, but unfortunately for Olivia, she suffered a dislocated shoulder as a result from the fall.

"Goin really high then it broke mid-swing.BADNews-Dislocated my shoulder.GoodNews-I laughed AND we got it on VIDEO," she wrote on Twitter.

Munn can be seen in laughing in the video before the fall, and afterward the camera goes black but she can be heard moaning in pain saying, "Oh f--k! I wanna laugh but..."

Watch it below (naturally there's some harsh language -- but it's nothing we wouldn't say if it happened to us!)

 (can't see the video? check it out on Olivia's twitter page)