Can Spike Lee re-create Chan-Wook Park's gory, compelling, and acclaimed work Oldboy? The red band trailer of his remake suggests he has a pretty good shot.

Josh Brolin stars in the remake of the 2003 Korean hit, where he plays a man inexplicably held hostage for almost twenty years. His only access to the outside world is the small hole in the door where he is given food and a television that keeps him up to date on current events - flashes of newscasts covering 9/11, Katrina, and the murder of his wife (apparently he is the prime suspect) are interwoven with flashes of Brolin trying to kill himself, training to fight, and growing a gnarly beard.

Suddenly, Brolin is released into the world without anyone telling him why. He sets out to find his daughter and take revenge on those who robbed him of two decades of his life.

Warning: the following video is a "Red Band Trailer," meaning it is uncensored and features gore, nudity, and profanity.

It will be interesting to see how much of Oldboy's brutality is left intact; we get a hint of authenticity when Brolin wields a claw hammer and goes to work on some baddies - including a shot of him surprising a fellow with a claw to the top of his noggin. There's also a good chance the infamous hallway fight will take place in all of its gory glory.

Whether or not the, erm, more disturbing themes of Oldboy are intact remains to be seen. I wouldn't want to ruin the film for anyone who hasn't seen it, if Spike Lee keeps the ending the same.

Oldboy is currently set for an October 25 release.