The Old 97's debut in 1994 and its acclaimed follow-up a year later on Bloodshot Records established Rhett Miller, Murry Hammond, Ken Bethea and Philip Peeples as indie-rock's favorite cowpunks. After signing with Elektra in 1997, the Dallas quartet recorded a trio of artistically restless albums that found Miller refining his emotional lyricism and the band tightly coiling around power pop arrangements. Rhino shakes its caboose with a collection of classic tracks from the band's first seven years. Hit By A Train: The Best of Old 97's is available from Rhino on June 20.

The compilation gathers 18 songs released between 1994 and 2001, including songs from the band's first five studio albums, plus singles, live performances and a soundtrack contribution. Sequenced chronologically, Hit By A Train opens with songs from the band's indie releases including "Stoned" from Hitchhike to Rhome (the band's 1994 debut on Big Iron), along with "Cryin' Drunk," "Doreen" and "Victoria," a trio of songs subsequently released on Bloodshot Records.

A majority of the songs on the collection originally appeared on the group's acclaimed albums with Elektra Too Far to Care (1997), Fight Songs (1999) and Satellite Rides (2001). Hit By A Train includes critical and fan favorites such as "Timebomb," "Jagged," "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)," "Rollerskate Skinny," "Four Leaf Clover" (with former X singer Exene Cervenkova) and "Valentine," an acoustic track featuring Hammond taking a rare turn on lead vocals.

Hit By A Train is rounded out with "The Villain," a B-side from 1999; a cover of the Marty Robbins classic "El Paso" that surfaced on the soundtrack for the television series King of the Hill; plus a pair of live songs "Barrier Reef" and "Nineteen" from the bonus disc included with special versions of Satellite Rides.

Hit By A Train: The Best of Old 97's Track Listing:

1. "Stoned"
2. "Cryin' Drunk"
3. "Doreen"
4. "Victoria"
5. "Timebomb"
6. "Niteclub"
7. "Four Leaf Clover"
8. "El Paso"
9. "Jagged"
10. "Lonely Holiday"
11. "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)"
12. "Valentine"
13. "The Villain"
14. "King Of All Of The World"
15. "Question"
16. "Rollerskate Skinny"
17. "Barrier Reef" Live
18. "Nineteen" Live

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