Nadya Suleman is claiming that an investigation into the lifestyle of her children was a "set up." A hairdresser told Child Services to check out Nadya's house after she claimed to have witnessed poor living conditions. 

"I think, maybe, me and my kids were set up," Nadya told Good Morning America. "We were set up."

"She thought it was unacceptable that they're half-naked going potty," she said after explaining that her indoor toilet was broken. "I mean mom is out there, come on."

The other criticism Nadya is receiving is how she can afford $500+ Brazilian Blowout haircuts while living off welfare. She explained that the bill was for haircuts for all her children, and "I am making money, though. I have jobs and I can afford it."

On the topic of her recent semi-nude spread in a British magazine, she explained "I've been using the media to pay the bills. Any offer now is to take care of my kids. I had to strip myself of pride."