Shady Records recording artist Obie Trice is home recuperating after being shot on a Detroit freeway in the early morning on December 31st.

The shooting left Trice with a bullet lodged in his skull. He was treated and released on the same day at an area hospital, after doctors concluded that the position of the bullet in his head proved too risky for surgery. Further medical evaluation in the coming days will determine whether the bullet can indeed be removed at a later date.

"This is living in Detroit, and that's all," said Trice. "You hear about it because it's me, I got ties to Eminem or whatever, but I got people that are out there dealing with it every single day where I'm from. As far as all the rumors and guessing games, people talking road rage and all that nonsense, I'm not getting involved in any of that right now."

Obie Trice's debut album, "Cheers" (click for review), was released in 2003 and has sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide. His follow-up, "Second Round's On Me", is scheduled to be released this spring.