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"Big Momma's House of 1000 Corpses" and other movie mashups we'd like to see - Holy Taco

The 15 hottest Playboy Playmates of all-time - Spike

How and why the 'South Park' creators made this week's election episode - LA Times

Check out this football pass:

The issue on Obama's website on election night that got the most attention: the Obama family getting a puppy. - CBS 4 Denver

Nazi films are the new cinematic black - Agent Bedhead

Irish airline is planning to offer $12.70 transatlantic flights -

A montage of some of the best movie lines ever (language may be NSFW):

Negative campaign flyers that weren't used before the election - Holy Taco

Finally! After 20 years of scientific research we have... blue roses. And cancer still. - Telegraph UK

New 'Bond' Girl Olga Kurylenko in lingerie. She'll leave you shaken AND stirred - On 205th

Check out Christina Aguilera's Hot new Target commercial:

How Republicans will solve their current problems - Holy Taco

Scarlett Johannson is all cleavagey at this Parkinson's benefit - Superficial

6 incredible technologies from Michael Crichton stories -

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