A coffee house in New York City was recently transformed to promote the remake of classic Stephen King horror flick Carrie, which stars Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore and hits theaters October 18.

Unsuspecting patrons were caught off guard when a customer spills coffee all over a girl's laptop (both actors) and she flips out, sending him flying with her apparent telekinetic powers.

Customer reactions were all caught on camera, and they're all as classic as the first film.

The now viral video was set up by marketing company Thinkmodo, and starts out by revealing the whole setup, and knowing it's all fake and how it was done makes the reactions all the richer.

The company also created viral ads for 2011's Limitless and 2012's Chronicle.

Check it out the coffee shop video below, then scroll down to watch the trailer for "Carrie"...