At the pub, Grace has been Google-ing various names for Satan.  Oh, and Justin Bieber, which I believe, may be another of those names. Then Aunt Tunie explains to Fiona and Grace that, should they be arrested, they should use their one phone call to call her. A fight breaks out between two patrons, and Kevin brandishes a baseball bat to make them leave. Later that night, Jackie and Kevin gets amorous.

Next morning, Jackie is Google-ing various names for oxycontin. But when Kevin checks Jackie’s history, all he finds are searches for AA meetings and withdrawal symptoms. Later, Tunie tells Jackie that Kevin is like a new man since he ‘found out’ she’s going to meetings.

At the hospital, the saint statues are being removed. Eddie tells Jackie that he’s going to ask Tunie for a date. Later that day, Jackie asks him not to.  A new temp nurse, Kelly Slater, is hired, and proceeds to take over Jackie’s ER. While O’Hara works on a young woman hit by a stray bullet who’s only concern is her dog, (it’s in the Paramedic’s van) Coop works on a young cop who’s blowing his injuries out of proportion, in order to get morphine and the admiration of his peers.

Coop’s having a particularly bad day, as he limps along with a crutch. He feels very hard done by, between his mothers’ getting divorced, the race for Chief of ER, and his foot injury. Worst of all, his ‘tic’ of grabbing women’s breasts is back, and he very nearly attacked Akalitus. Hence the crutch, which prevents him from acting out. As Eddie says, Coop’s using the crutch as a crutch. Jackie takes the crutch away, and tells him he’ll be fine.

Zoey’s having trouble getting patient information from an elderly patient, who thinks Zoey looks more like a vet assistant than a nurse, in her pink scrubs. The patient is Toddy, 95, who had chest pains while attending ‘Jersey Boys.’ Later, O’Hara discovers that the patient, who has led a gracious and social life, misses her five o’clock glass of sherry, and prescribes the drink to be given to her daily at her nursing home.

New Nurse Kelly is regaling the staff with tales of hospitals and places he’s worked at, while sitting in Jackie’s chair. Zoey lets Kelly know in no uncertain terms that that is Jackie’s desk, and he apologizes, both for sitting in her chair, and for barging in on her patient in the ER earlier. She says she didn’t notice. When she leaves, Kelly again takes her chair, while Thor, Zoey and Sam look on in awe. Thor seems to be developing a crush on the new kid. Even Sam is starting to like Kelly, although Kelly makes a crack about the way Jackie talks to Sam.

When Coop visits with the cop, Kelly’s already with the patient, noting that there are no fractures visible on the x-rays. The cop insists that he heard something crack, then expresses concern over Coop’s foot brace. He says it looks like the brace his grandmother wore after bunion surgery, but Coop claims to have damaged his Achilles Heel playing hoops. The cop plays up to Coop, listening to Coop’s problems, and finally gets him to say there is a hairline fracture.

The young woman brought in earlier asks Zoey if she’ll pass a note to Lenny, thanking him for taking care of her dog, and asking him out. Zoey asks O’Hara what to do about the note, and O’Hara says she’d burn it, if it were given to her. Zoey tells Jackie she’s warned Kelly more than once to stay out of Jackie’s chair, but he keeps sitting there. Jackie says to give Kelly a break, he’s new. Zoey finds Lenny eating his lunch in the chapel. She gives him the note, and tells him to do what he wants. Lenny uses the note to wipe his face, then throws it away, saying he has no time for anyone but her.

Jackie, Eddie, O’Hara, and the dog, sit in the chapel and watch the last of the religious icons being removed. They are sad at how the chapel now looks. Jackie leaves with the dog, and finds Akalitus sadly watching the last of the statues and art being packed in the truck. At home, Jackie sits outside, worried about her dwindling drug stash, while inside, Tunie, Kevin and the girls prepare dinner and act like a normal family.