After a week of cold turkey, out of meds, and with her pusher dead, Jackie’s beginning to see the very cold light of reality. As though jonesing for drugs wasn’t enough punishment, the world keeps spinning, and Jackie keeps trying to keep all the balls of her life in the air.

First up, Jackie and Kevin’s daughter, Grace, has asked her psychologist to put her on medication. Grace can’t get her thoughts to slow down, and her dream journal chronicles nightmares about animals and fire. She’s also afraid she’s going to start pulling her hair out again. The psychologist recommends a child sized dose of Xanax. Although Jackie’s against Grace being on the drug, Grace’s anxiety has to be calmed. Grace takes the prescription to Eddie to be filled. He’s sympathetic, but puts off filling the script.

In the ER, Zooey is in charge of “Flu Shots for Doctor’s Day.” Zooey’s taking the opportunity to put the doctors in their place – below her – while Thor’s flirting outrageously with the good looking medics. Nurse Kelly is reminiscing about hot times at other hospitals, while Coop is revving up his wedding plans with his Facebook friend. Their patient is a middle aged man with a scratched cornea. Akalitus takes Jackie to her office to tell her that she can no longer administer meds. Jackie’s appalled and outraged. Akalitus tells her that HR believes that someone in the ER is abusing narcotics. Jackie asks why Kelly or Sam aren’t being targeted, but is reminded that the subject came up long before Kelly arrived. With her reputation on the line, Jackie is fighting for credibility, and begs that no one else be told about the decision. With the exception of Eddie, in the Pharmacy, no one else knows.

In a trauma room, Dr. O’Hara is examining a patient on a backboard, with Zooey’s help. He’s a student who was asking passer-by’s to sign his petition to save the Madagascar Lemur, when he was attacked by a group of frat boys.  Jackie storms in, accusing O’Hara of being the tattle tale, while Zooey listens in. O’Hara orders Jackie out of the room. Zooey asks O’Hara if she wants to talk about it, to O’Hara’s anger and amusement, while the patient tries to calm the situation. O’Hara orders Zooey out of the room. In tears, Zooey asks Kelly to take over for her. As the nursing team wonder why Jackie is mad at O’Hara, Lenny arrives with a little boy named Dylan, who’s gotten his head stuck in a chair.  Coop begins laughing hysterically and cannot stop.

Jackie stalks O’Hara to her office, continuing her tirade, but O’Hara will have none of that. She’s put her own self on the line over Jackie’s lies so many times, it’s a miracle she still has a license. O’Hara admits that she can’t and won’t talk about Jackie’s problem, because if she did, Jackie would get even better at hiding from the truth, and go so far underground that no one would ever hear her cries for help. On the verge of tears, O’Hara says she’s said nothing – but she has been asked. O’Hara tells Jackie to stick by her side, and she will provide meds as necessary, so that no one knows of Jackie’s shame. And then they’ll find out who went to HR, and take care of the tattler. Zooey sticks her head in the door, trying to find out if Jackie and O’Hara are still fighting, and asking for help with the young boy – Dr. Cooper is useless, she says.

Coop asks Akalitus if he can reserve the hospital chapel for his wedding. He’s thinking it should be held on his birthday, in the chapel with the stained glass windows and the mannequins. They’re not mannequins, says Akalitus, they’re statues, and they’re gone. Coop jumps to the conclusion that the statues are being held for ransom, and offers to pay to have them returned. Akalitus pounces on his offer.  When O’Hara drops by to ask about the Jackie situation, Akalitus won’t talk, but does mention she’s working on a deal to get her statues back.  

When Lenny comes by to see Zooey, he finds her flirting with Kyle, the patient beaten up over the lemur. Lenny picks a fight with Kyle when Kyle says the petition is not so much about the lemurs as it is about a need to halt deforestation. “Yeah, f**k the lemurs,” says Lenny. Both males go into aggressive mode, before Lenny claims his territory by kissing Zooey on the forehead, and saying he’ll see her after work.  

O’Hara drops by Coop’s office, flirting with him, and asking him why he’s never asked her out, after 5 years of working together. She taunts him, and he rises to the bait, saying he’s not engaged yet, the date isn’t set, and he’d be happy to date her, he just always thought she’d say no. When she insinuates he should have asked, he’s over eager, throwing off his lab coat, and loosening his tie before she reminds him he never asked. And when he asks, she says no, deflating his ego entirely. Score One – O’Hara.

When Jackie calls Kevin to organize a family dinner, he tells her he’s got a meeting, they’ll do a family breakfast. O’Hara and Jackie take a walk outside, and Jackie admits she’s been pill free for a week, just as her daughter starts a prescription for Xanax, and Akalitus bans her from touching patient meds. O’Hara’s just glad that Jackie’s clean.

Back in the hospital, Eddie has to tell Jackie he can’t fill Grace’s prescription. O’Hara fills it for her, and brings the pills to Jackie, who’s sitting in the chapel. Nurse Kelly enters, sees Jackie with the pill bottle, and sits beside her. Jackie asks Kelly if he’ll cover for her so that she can go home early to be with her kids. At home, Grace takes one of the pills, and waits anxiously for the pill to take effect, and fix her life.