As "Optimistic Voices" from "The Wizard of Oz," plays, Jackie continues to try to win Kevin’s trust back by making pancakes, and preparing special sandwiches for his lunch. She also tells him that she’s put in a good word for Eddie at the hospital, and she thinks he has a shot at getting the job.

The lilting Munchkin voices should have alerted us that things are going to get weird. We’re definitely not in Kansas, my friends.

When she wakes Gracie and Fiona, she discovers Kevin’s sister, Tunie, has stayed the night. Apparently Tunie’s sugar daddy boyfriend broke up with her, via text message and frowny face. After drinking her weight in free drinks at the airport lounge, she taxied to Jackie and Kevin’s house, using her key to let herself in at 3:00 a.m. She’s done this many times before, but usually leaves before anyone wakes up, she says in her foul mouthed explanation.  

When they are alone, Tunie tells Jackie that Kevin told her all about the intervention, and she’s on Jackie’s side. She then asks Jackie if she can stay for a few days until she figures out where she’s going to be living.

Jackie and Eddie, on the way to work, talk about how strange it is that Eddie’s relationship with Kevin is becoming more of an issue than Eddie’s previous affair with Jackie, even as Eddie finds Jackie’s smallest show of affection irresistible. And as they wonder over that, ‘God’, the schizophrenic who lives near the hospital, discovers a painted blue piano on the street, and steals it. He stashes the piano in the hospital basement.

Doctors Cooper and O’Hara tend to a pair of street vendors whose turf war has resulted in injuries. Vendor 1 threw hot oil on Vendor 2, who retaliated by shoving a shiskabob skewer into Vendor 1’s face. Cooper’s got more important things on his mind, though, since he needs Thor’s help to get into an elite doctor’s hospital Fantasy Football league. Apparently, Thor knows football. Who knew? Cooper manipulates Thor into helping by saying he’s been bullied since a child for having gay moms.

Despite medical cautioning that moving his internally bleeding wife from All Saints could be very dangerous, an Orthodox Jewish husband insists she be treated at Beth Israel hospital by her own doctor. The parents, not so orthodox, have already signed off on the surgery to be done at All Saints, and call the husband’s demands ‘superstition.’ Jackie arranges for the woman to be moved to Beth Israel.

Akalitus is visited by a priest, who tells her that the hospital chapel was actually de-consecrated in 1978, when the property was rezoned for commercial purposes. He wants the statues and relics back. When pleading for the statues to remain doesn’t work, Akalitus pulls out a lie. “I know Michelle Obama.” Doesn’t work, although she manages to save two of the statues as ‘architectural.’

Lenny prepares a surprise romantic picnic for Zoey. He remembered that tuna on raisin bread was her favourite sandwich, and they sip Dr Pepper from plastic wine glasses. Zooey cracks a filling on the secret ingredient in the sandwich – Lenny’s house key. He saw this move in a movie, as an invitation for Zooey to come over to his place whenever she wants. Zooey stomps away, then heads down to God’s piano bar, where she and God discuss the situation. She’s conflicted over her feelings for Lenny. One minute she’s crazy about him, and the next, she just wants to stab him, in the neck, with a fork. God tells her that she needs to slow down, date other people. In fact, he confesses, he wanted to ask her out. She says she couldn’t handle the pressure of dating God. He concedes the point, while playing a little cocktail piano music in a competent, but not heavenly, manner.

Lenny asks Jackie’s advice about Zooey. Jackie tells him not to handcuff her, let her come to him. Suffocation is not much of a turn-on, she says. Akalitus finds Lenny apologizing to Zooey for pressuring her, shoos Lenny, Zooey and God out of the basement, then sits herself down at the piano and tentatively plays the “Colonel Bogey March.”  

Jackie is surprised to see the drug dealer from whom she stole drugs while he was having a seizure, back in Season 2. He says he ‘comes in peace,’ and she has him give his wallet to Eddie before heading off for a coffee. He tells her that he is a former drug and alcohol councillor, who tired of trying to help people who weren’t ready to get sober. Now he’s the guy who helps people bottom out, by supplying them with drugs and then supervising their downward spiral, for a price. He says he’s fascinated by Jackie’s audacity in taking drugs from a patient – it’s a new low. She asks him how close she is to hitting bottom, and he tells her, “not even close.” He then puts one of her favourite blue pills on a napkin, and slides it towards her. She refuses the pill, but with difficulty.

At the bar, Kevin tells Jackie and the girls that ‘Aunt Tunie’ will be staying with them for a couple of weeks, and it seems that he’s trying to match make Tunie and Eddie.

Ah yes, fellow Munchkins, we’re off to see the Wizard!