Jackie is woken from sleep by Grace, who feels like her heart is racing. Over a 2 a.m. cup of cocoa, Grace shows Jackie and Kevin her collection of cards depicting ‘gruesome saints’ deaths,’ which her parents suspect may be causing the sleeplessness. Sipping from her “World’s Greatest Mom” mug, Jackie is pleased when Kevin tells her she’s a good mom.

The next morning, she slips out to score drugs at the East Bay Diner. The nasty drug dealer, Bill, is still charging her $200. per daily dose of 5 pills, though he claims he gave her 6. Leaving, she bumps into Sam, who asks if she’s a friend of Bill’s, the man she was hugging in the diner. Sam says Bill is ‘the best sponsor in the world.’ Jackie says he’s an epileptic she helped a long time ago, and doesn’t really know him. Chatting, Sam tells Jackie that he’s been to an NA meeting, where a girl talked about being so strung out at one time, that she stole drugs off her dying boyfriend before calling 911.

Zoey arrives at All Saints to find Thor on the steps, gazing into the distance. He’s not meditating; he’s heard that Kelly Slater, new temp nurse, runs to work, shirtless. Our Thor has a crush, that’s obvious. They chat about the previous night, when Kelly took the nurses out for a fun evening, flashed Sean Penn’s phone number on his cell, and picked up the tab.   Akalitus is a fan as well, since finding out that Kelly previously worked at Bellevue, under her arch enemy and competitor in the campaign against childhood obesity, Lily Chung. If Kelly has any info that can further Akalitus’ ambitions to be the hospital winning the visit from Mrs. Obama, he’ll be her new BFF. And even get Saturday’s off. Kelly clinches the new friendship by mentioning that he has met the First Lady, but it’s his mother, the judge, who knows her well. Akalitus almost wets herself with envy.

In the ER, Zoey is composing an article for her “Nursing It Yo” ‘bog’ page called “Fear of Pus: How to Overcome It.” O’Hara asks Jackie to accompany her to a boring Open House, but Jackie begs off, still inferring that Kevin has her on a tight leash over the ‘suspected’ drug use. Sam says he’d love to join O’Hara, but she shrugs him off.

A comatose woman is wheeled in, trailed by her 12 year old son, Walker. Apparently the two went to a concert the previous night, but the woman didn’t awake in the morning. Jackie has Zoey take care of Walker. He asks Zoey if she smokes. She confesses she does not, but she does have a weird black ‘gum’ that she gets in ChinaTown. As he smokes, he tells her that his father left the family, and she says that her dad is in prison.

Grace berates Kevin for letting her sleep in, causing the girls to be late for school. Grace’s saints cards are dropped in the car, and Kevin promises he’ll find every card, since Grace has to go in to the school. He finds the dental floss container filled with pills that Jackie dropped in the car months before.

Jackie nurses a Native American ironworker, Joseph, who flies kites off rooftops at lunch for relaxation. The kite’s tail cut his face. He tells her that, contrary to the belief that his people are unafraid of heights, they are just as scared as anyone else. They just have a different way of dealing with the fear.

Coop and Thor sit cross-legged in what seems to be a day care toy centre. Instead, it’s Coop’s office, and the toys are from his bedroom, since his moms are making him clean it up. Jackie tells Coop about Joseph, and Coop is ecstatic to meet him, calling him a ‘Wind Walker.’ Coop has an infatuation with the mythology of Native Americans. Coop talks about dealing with his own fear, his moms divorce ripping the family unit in half. Kelly asks about medications, and is sent to pick up the prescription for the patient. Alone, Joseph notices the boot on Coop’s foot, and asks if he has a bunion. Coop is amazed. Joseph leaves the kite behind for Coop.

O’Hara reads the tox reports for the comatose mother, and finds the woman was on three strong medications, and a lot of alcohol. Jackie finds Zoey with Walker in the chapel. Jackie compliments him on calling 911, and says his mother should be home in a few days. He’s known for some time that his mom is a drug addict, and that he can’t help her.

In the Pharmacy, Kelly finds Eddie arguing on the phone with Oncology, who need his Fentanyl patches, a drug 100 times stronger than morphine. Eddie asks Kelly to deliver the bag of patches. O’Hara comes in, looking for glue to fix her shoe heel, and she and Eddie decide to go to the Open House together.     

Jackie runs into Kelly as he looks for the Oncology Ward, while he is gloating to someone on the phone about getting Saturday off, and says she’ll bring the bag to Oncology for him. First she stops by Akalitus’ office, where she demands to know why Kelly is getting Saturday off, while she and the rest of the full time staff have never been so lucky. This will crush morale, she claims. Akalitus says Kelly is good for morale, plus he’s met the First Lady. “Is this about the fat kids?” Jackie asks.  

Jackie, who has been avoiding Kevin’s phone calls all day, meets Coop as he also leaves for the day. Coop is running down the street with the kite, ecstatic that he and Joseph ‘made a connection.’ ‘God’ looks out of his window, yelling, “against the wind, you moron. You’ll never get this high!” Kelly, also leaving, points out Eddie helping O’Hara into her car, saying he never would have put those two together.

At home, Kevin tosses the dental floss container at Jackie. She explains that it’s old, from the time they took the family trip in the car. She’s sorry he found it, as it must have been awful for him. He wonders if he should be scouring the house for more drugs. Jackie pulls out the 30 day chip Bill gave her, and slams it on the table, saying, “30 days clean.” She then tells Kevin the story that Sam told her that morning about the female junkie, claiming she heard it at her own meeting. She tells him that they are okay, and hugs him. As the sleeve of her scrub top lifts, we see that she is wearing one of the Fentanyl patches on her arm.