Jackie’s elaborate hiding skills are shown as she transfers bags of pills to various stashes in the laundry room.

At lunch with Dr. O’Hara, Jackie intervenes when a belligerent customer berates a waitress, and forces him to apologize for his actions. O’Hara is amused, and says she has missed Jackie.  Looks like they are back to being BFFs.

Zooey, working her first double shift, has attached a pedometer to her scrubs – every step counts! It’s morning, and she’s already up to 5000 steps. She’s speed-walking in place to up the mileage. Akalitus shows the staff a bus advertisement that Bellevue Hospital has produced, about fighting child obesity. Scooped! She’s not giving up without a fight – fundraising starts now for the All Saints campaign. Akalitus refers to O’Hara as ‘Chief.’ O’Hara doesn’t want the empty title of ‘Chief of the ER.’

Sam needles Dr. Cooper with the news that O’Hara’s been named ER Chief. As Akalitus badgers a nun for a donation, Cooper tells her he wants a ‘dance-off’ to compete for Chief. Meanwhile, O’Hara accepts the position to ensure that Cooper doesn’t get the job. But they decide not to tell him, so he’ll be on best behaviour. Meanwhile, Coop’s injured his feet, and is limping in sneakers. He asks Jackie to give him a cortisone shot. Later we learn that Coops changed Thor’s name for the Fantasy Football team from “ManCrush”, to “Cooper Dooper.”

ER’s ‘patient of the week’ is Lou, a hypertensive, job hunting, salesman. He’s been trying holistic methods to keep cool, but now needs to get back on proper medication. Zooey’s even given Lou her pedometer. Coop’s angry he didn’t get a chance to treat everyone’s fave.  Another patient is a young man whose wife is giving birth on the sixth floor. He’s nauseated and terrified. Jackie mellows him out with valium. However, he’s still ambivalent about becoming a father, until Jackie has him smell the head of a conveniently available baby’s head. I know that smell!  

Eddie tells Jackie that Kevin’s invited him to the house for a ‘celebratory’ dinner. After work, Eddie takes Jackie home on his motorcycle. He’s brought dessert. Eddie meets Tunie. Upstairs, Jackie finds empty drawers and closets, and panics that Kevin might have left her. Tunie says that Kevin cleaned out the closets and basement of clothing for the school clothing drive. Grace notes that he’s been gone for two hours, but the school’s only five minutes away. Tunie tells Jackie that Kevin’s actually gone to an Al-Anon support meeting. Later, Eddie and Tunie bond, while Jackie and Kevin go to the school, on the pretext that Jackie thinks Tunie gave away a box with the girls’ christening gowns. Of course, it’s really to retrieve pills that were hidden in a tiny mitten. While holding the mitten, Jackie realizes the sadness of her life.