In the latest episode of "Nurse Jackie," Jackie and Kevin walk Fiona and Grace to school, for Fiona’s first day. As other students skip double dutch, the teacher tells Fiona that the other students will be excited to meet her.

In Akalitus’ office, she too is attempting rope skipping, as she studies a photo of her idol, Michelle Obama, in full jump. Zoey interrupts, saying she has a complaint. The Maternity ward nurses have been stealing all of the good plastic gloves. Akalitus tells her to steal them back, but Zoey is afraid that she’ll be caught and not able to dissemble if questioned. Zoey, spotting the jump rope, can’t resist a turn, and she effortlessly plies the ropes.

As Jackie nears the hospital, she spots a skateboarder ‘accidentally on purpose’ startle and trip up an elderly patient. She, just as accidentally, elbows the skater so that he falls. Jackie finds the skateboarder being tended to by O’Hara, who says that Jackie blindsided him. O’Hara says, yes, that’s what Jackie does, she blindsides.

At the reception desk, Sam tries to bond with Jackie over the snub, but she tells him to mind his own business. Dr. Cooper walks by, and asks if he and Sam can bury the hatchet, but Sam says, only if they bury it in Cooper’s head. Zoey dashes up to the desk, pulling a large amount of supplies and gloves from under her scrubs. Eddie walks by, and, via a coded message, lets Jackie know he needs a word in the Pharmacy. Locking the door, Eddie admits that lying to Kevin about the affair with Jackie is killing him, especially when Kevin is so friendly and sociable he’s even asked Eddie if he’d like to play on the bar softball team. Jackie tells Eddie to buck up, but Eddie says he now feels responsibility towards Kevin, and wants Kevin to know that he works at All Saints. Eddie wants a little truth in his relationship with Kevin, and since Jackie got him into the mess by not admitting her marital status, he wants Jackie to help, being as she is a ‘world class liar.’ Jackie gives in, and begins a setup by telling Eddie to call Kevin and say that he’s lost his job, and looking for work in a downtown pharmacy. She’ll take it from there.

Back on the floor, Zoey again appears with another stash of gloves, this time, the most wanted purple ones. Jackie tells Zoey to put half of them in her desk. Back in the ER, Sam and Dr Cooper are having trouble working with a patient who has arrived with a serious hand gash, and four kids in tow. The kids all have chicken pox, and the mother is not coping well. Saying she can’t be around anyone who pees standing up, she wants her wound treated by a woman. In her fear, she begins haranguing all men as incapable of aiming at the toilet, leaving the mess behind for her to clean. Jackie suggests Cooper might switch with O’Hara for the stitching duty.

Meanwhile, Akalitus is conducting a staff meeting, and Cooper sees that Sam is one of the reluctant attendants. As Zoey nonchalantly nibbles at a tower of donuts, Thor is in agony at all the sweets being consumed around him, since his diabetes prevents him from indulging. The thrust of Akalitus’ speech is about Michelle Obama’s crusade against childhood obesity. Unaware of the inanity of discussing obesity while plying her staff with donuts, Akalitus says that there is a possibility of Mrs Obama visiting their hospital. Cooper sidles up to Sam, sliding a donut over to him, and asking him to stop being mad at him, but Sam ignores him. Akalitus stresses to the staff that a visit from Mrs Obama would mean a lot of good press for the hospital, and she wants everyone to help her make fat kids enemy number one at All Saints.

As Jackie bathes the patient’s wound, the patient explains that she cut herself with a hacksaw that she was using to try and change the toilet seat. Due to her husband’s and four sons ‘lack of aim’, the seat was fused with urine. Between caring for the four boys, home all week from school with chicken pox, and hurting herself with the hacksaw, the mother is verbally out of control, and the four boys are cowering in silence. Jackie has Thor take the kids to a quiet room, where they can unwind and relax while the mother’s hand is stitched. When Akalitus tells Thor not to feed the kids, Jackie says that their mother just “unhinged her jaw and tried to devour them,” and the TV room is the safest place for them.

An elderly man, who’s wandered away from the VA hospital, is brought in by the paramedics. He’s unconscious, but Jackie discovers a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) note pinned to his jacket. Berating the paramedics, she is told that if called, the EMTs must legally attempt resuscitation. As Cooper begins care, the patient murmurs to Zoey, “I wanted to die outside.” Zoey opens the window blinds, and the patient smiles as sun falls on his face.

Coop asks Eddie for advice on making up with Sam, but Eddie has no help to give. Akalitus tells Jackie that she’s heard over the grapevine that O’Hara has put in an application at Sloan-Kettering Hospital. Zoey brings four more boxes of gloves to the Pharmacy that she’s stolen from Urology, and asks if she can hide them there. Jackie enters with an armful of sheets, claiming to be looking for bandages, and goes in to the back room, where she retrieves some of her drug stash. Zoey wants Jackie to ‘knuckle bump’ over their secret stashes of gloves and bandages, but Jackie ignores her.  

When Jackie visits the patient with the hand injury, the mother says that she’s sorry for blowing up earlier. She just doesn’t want to be the sort of mom that relies on drugs to deal with everyday problems. Outside, Zoey and Lenny, sharing lunch, talk about the DNR patient. Since the law says they have to bring the patient in, Lenny thinks Zoey should go easier on them, but Zoey takes the opportunity to have a little snit. Around the corner, Jackie is lurking, as O’Hara leaves for lunch. Despite Zoey’s broad hints to be invited along, O’Hara leaves by herself.

Jackie talks to Kevin on the phone, still smoothing over his fears about her drug use. Seeing O’Hara hailing a cab, Jackie follows, surprising O’Hara, at lunch on the Terrace. Jackie tells O’Hara that, no matter where she goes, there is probably nowhere that Jackie can’t find her within 24 hours, just as she’s tracked her today. Jackie says she desperately needs a friend, and like it or not, O’Hara is that friend. Like it or not, Jackie will keep following her wherever she goes. Jackie leaves without O’Hara saying a word.

Back in the ER, Cooper once again tries to make up with Sam, who’s got his own problems since the drug slip the previous week. Cooper has a card that he’s mocked up to read “Boy, Am I Sorry.” When Sam ignores the card, Cooper reads the message in the card aloud for all the staff to hear, saying he apologizes about sleeping with Sam’s girlfriend, and won’t ask Sam for an apology about the broken nose. Just then, the alarms sound, as their elderly patient has lost heart and lung functions. Jackie and Zoey tend to him, with Zoey placing a potted plant in the patient’s hand. When O’Hara arrives to sign off on the death, Jackie asks her to have lunch the next day. O’Hara says she’s not quite there yet, but Jackie persists, and O’Hara begins to give in.

That evening at the bar, Fiona and Grace tell Jackie about their day at school. Eddie shows up, and some customers tease Jackie for she and Kevin having a cash bar at their wedding, which Jackie doesn’t remember. Jackie hugs Kevin, and gives him a similar speech to the one she gave to O’Hara earlier in the day, vowing to follow him anywhere. Kevin asks Jackie to help get Eddie a job at the Pharmacy at All Saints, and she says she’ll see what she can do.