There are many great films this year at Tribeca, though I’m still waiting for the one. This morning I attended the press screening of Struck By Lightning, written and directed by Glee’s Chris Colfer. The story, about a teenager navigating high school while dealing with a manic-depressive mother and building anxiety of one particular college acceptance letter during the final days of his life (got that?),was well-written and terrifically acted.

Though the execution of the story is a bit soft, there is no denying that Colfer will continue to be a dynamic star for years to come. I recommend the film, but I highly recommend it to fans of Glee; it’s all the acting minus some cheesiness and any of the singing. Struck By Lightning will screen once more to the public this Sunday at the SVA Theater, at 6pm.


If you’re looking to rush a Tribeca film tonight, check out the marquee red carpet premiere of Knife Fight. The film stars Rob Lowe as a genius political strategist who’s face with the dilemma of having to fight clean. Since this is the only public screening of Knife Fight during the festival, you can expect the Lowe, along with the filmmakers and other cast members to make an appearance after the film for a panel Q&A discussion. (BMCC Tribeca PAC, 6pm)


For you documentary-minded moviegoers, Booker’s Place is a powerful story of a filmmaker’s return to Mississippi after a 1965 project forever changed the life of an African-American waiter named Booker Wright. The film is already buzzing loudly with critics as The Help without the fluff. It’s heartbreaking, heartbreaking stuff. (Chelsea Clearview Cinemas, 8:30pm; the film is also playing at Tribeca On Demand)