"I liked Vlad The Impaler. I had probably every book on him (as a child)." Angelina Jolie had a macabre interest in the historical mass murderer as a young girl.

"He may have forgotten my name; he does have short-term memory loss." Robert Redford fears old pal Paul Newman may have forgotten who he is.

"My wife is pretty brave. To spend three years with me - we just celebrated our anniversary on October 29 - takes a tremendous amount of courage." Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane praises his actress wife Rebecca Gayheart.

"I became depressed for the first time when I was eight years old... At first I thought, 'Oh, I just played in the woods a lot by myself and believed in fairies.' Then I figured out I was lonely." Actress Ashley Judd realizes her battle with mild depression began when she was a child.

"It helped me realize that I had some problems and I needed to fix them - personally, mentally and physically." Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter has no regrets about his recent reality TV show House Of Carters.