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Joanna Krupa might be the most beautiful woman on the planet. Or else these were taken with a magic camera that makes people look awesome. - On 205th

Do not click this link if you're the person planning on actually seeing "Marley & Me." Everyone else go ahead, it gives away the ending - Holy Taco

Meatcake. - geekologie

Gwyneth Paltrow has been acting like Madonna lately:

From the "Austin Powers" files: Iraqi reporter throws shoes at President Bush. Really? Who throws a shoe? - Superficial

Rihanna Florida concert pics. Warning: extremely cleavage-y - Pop on the Pop

Blamer: (Noun) 1. Somebody who assigns others responsibility for their owns faults. 2. See Avril Lavigne - Websters

Amy Poehler & Seth Myers go off on Illinois governer Rod Blagojevich:

Hugh Hefner's son brings shame to family, only wants to date one girl at a time - Superficial

Five gifts that NOBODY wants for Christmas this year (or any other occasion) - Holy Taco

ABC unveils it's awesome plans for a post-"Lost" world - Televisionary

Quote of the day:

10 Great snow sports wipeouts - On 205th

The 12 biggest douchebags of 2008 - Guardian UK

1,000 new species discovered in the Mekong region over the past 10 years; including this freaky-deaky snake that will kill you - Discovery

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