In honor of the theme of the evening, I’m going to pull a diva move and skip the intro.

Let’s just get to the performances:

Jennel Garcia Sang “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

LA Reid Said: You started this thing out with a bang. That smoked.

Britney Said: Tina would be proud. You nailed it.

Demi Said: People will be voting a lot higher for you than last week.

Simon Said: You are back in the race.

The Verdict:

This performance perfectly underscores the fact that we are dealing with amateurs rather than pros in the competition. It was a prime example of somebody with no experience trying to act like a diva but failing to get anywhere close to that level.

Be it the singing or the performance itself, Jennel was unable to do anything diva-tastic at all in this performance. On the softer portions, she sounded like a skater punk trying to sing soul. In the bigger R&B moments she was just screaming. She took the stage with all the poise and grace of somebody running from a stray dog.

Underachieving every step of the way.

Grade: D

Prediction: It’s tough getting out of the first spot, but I think the judges gave her enough of a boost to go on.

Tate Stevens Sang “From This Moment On” by Celine Dion

LA Reid Said: Those are big words, Simon. I like that.

Britney Said: Your performance was so heartfelt and your vocals were amazing.

Demi Said: You were very good.

Simon Said: That was better than last week. I would be happy to write you the $5 Million check.

The Verdict:

As soon as “Diva Night” was announced, morbid curiosity definitely made Tate everybody’s must-see of the evening. How exactly was this country boy going to tackle something normally associated with soul and pop?

The results were disappointing in that they weren’t very good but they weren’t the vocal car crash we all thought it might have been either. Just a pleasant vocal with a few iffy spots and the appropriate amount of looking out-of-place.

I was expecting more one way or the other. Instead this was just kind of nothing.

Grade: C

Prediction: He’s got the country vote locked down and that will make him a cinch to stick around at the very least.

Diamond White Sang “Halo” by Beyonce

LA Reid Said: Those were big shoes to fill and you filled them.

Britney Said: You just keep getting better and it amazes me every time.

Demi Said: This week is kind of perfect for you because you are a total diva.

Simon Said: Don’t walk and sing at the same time, but I think we’re looking at a future star.

The Verdict:

Rough. Just rough the whole way. She started out struggling to muster any sort of a voice and spent the rest of the song struggling to hit any right notes. It was like she was fighting herself the entire time from a vocal standpoint. A lot of strain and a lot of bad notes.

I will say, that she looked pretty cool in front of that sunburst on the video screen. That’s about the only positive I can take from that.

Grade: D-

Prediction: That’s the kind of performance that gets lost. She could be in a bit of trouble.

Beatrice Miller Sang “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

LA Reid Said: You are so cute, but that song didn’t allow you to peak.

Britney Said: Simon, she has more talent in her pinky than you do with all your contestants together.

Demi Said: You sound so soulful and your tone is incredible.

Simon Said: It was better than last week, I like you in the lower register, but the song was boring.

The Verdict:

I dig Beatrice’s semi-cool rasp. It definitely adds a tone of authenticity to her voice.

That’s about all I dig though. This performance was so incredibly dull. Like she was trying to hypnotize us to sleep with the sands of her hourglass and the lazy way in which she sang.

She did have a YOLO patch on her hat. Not exactly seizing the moment with this performance.

Grade: D

Prediction: Another one that could be easily lost and forgotten. I think she’s in big danger too.