Pop star Jessica Simpson refuses to blame media attention for the breakdown of her marriage to Nick Lachey, but insists she won't take part in another reality TV show.

Simpson married Lachey in October 2002, and they invited a TV crew to follow their marriage for four seasons of MTV reality series Newlyweds soon afterwards, before the pair announced their separation in November 2005.

However, Simpson insists she enjoyed being filmed until the last season of Newlyweds, when the cameras started to make her paranoid.

Discussing whether the cameras contributed to her divorce, she insists, "No. I do not agree with that. We had a really good time until the last week in the last season when we were just over having all the cameras around.

"You become anxious, always thinking someone is watching you. It's like being bugged and everyone knows your every conversation... No more reality TV for me!"