Christina Aguilera has had her nipple piercing removed - out of respect for her husband. The Dirrty singer - who used to boast 12 different pieces of body jewellery, including ones in an intimate place - once vowed she would always keep her nipple ring "for herself".

However, recent pictures of the blonde beauty, dressed in a see-through top, showed no sign of the ring, and it has been claimed the 25-year-old singer got it removed for her music executive husband, Jordan Bratman.

A source said: "Now she's married, Christina has decided to remove her right nipple ring - the last of what used to be 12 piercings."

Christina recently claimed she would not tone down her raunchy image just because she had gotten married. She said at the time: "Being sexual is a huge part of my artistry and who I am as a woman. When I am sexual in my lyrics or videos, it's because I am being honest. I'm in favour of any woman being proud of her body.

"I'm going to stick to my guns and keep pushing the envelope no matter what people say."

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