Typically, the two tribes merge into one when the game of Survivor gets down to ten players. That was not the case on last night's Survivor: Gabon. Instead, in another twist, the remaining ten castaways were split into two new tribes of five. The new Kota tribe was composed of Marcus, Bob, Susie, Ken, and Crystal. The new Fang tribe members are Charlie, Matty, Randy, Corrine, and Sugar.

At the immunity challenge, the players were put to an endurance test. In the end, it was Matty who held on for victory for the Fang tribe. This tribe was made up of new members, but it was the first win for Fang in the last eight challenges. Kota would be sent to tribal council.

Since the new tribe was made up of three Kota members and two Fang members, Ken and Crystal seemed in trouble. However, they were able to recognize that Susie did not like her teammates, and convinced her to flip onto their side. The three of them voted for Marcus, who was arguably the strongest player left in the game. Before this week's show, Marcus may have been considered the favorite to win, but everything turned on him when the tribes were shuffled up once again. He became the ninth person voted out and the first person to join the jury that will eventually choose the ultimate survivor.

This twist has resulted in a new pecking order on Survivor: Gabon. The recent developments very well may allow Ken, Crystal, Matty, Sugar, and Susie to band together on a merged tribe and become the final five. Just a week ago, that would have been unthinkable, but you have to learn to expect the unexpected in the game of Survivor.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer