The latest episode of "Nip/Tuck"...Where do I begin? Crazy as usual; addicting as usual. Liz (Roma Maffia) struggles with her own insecurities as her relationship with Christian (Julian McMahon) continues. She tries to counter these feelings by having a makeover to impress Christian. When she arrives at his house, she walks in on him having sex with another woman. Liz kicks her out and wants Christian to salvage their relationship.

Sean (Dylan Walsh) encounters a bizarre patient situation - an 18-year-old boy is married to his former (and much older) teacher and wants to look closer to her age to remove some of the social burdens the couple is facing. (Keep in mind the teacher is now a registered sex offender who spent time in prison for her relationship with the boy.)

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Matt (John Hensley) struggles with his pre-med classes and Sean asks Raj (Adhir Kalyan) to tutor him, causing a temporary riff between Sean and Matt. Matt sees his father getting closer to Raj and feels like he's being replaced.

Raj's father on the other hand, tells Sean and Raj that he wants a penile enhancement and wants Raj to complete the surgery. Raj tries to get out of it but is pressured by his father to accept the "honor" (Awkward!).

Christian continues to have sex behind Liz's back, and during one of his romps, his pectoral implant moves out of place, meaning the sutures were not properly secured during surgery. Christian heads to Liz's house to tell her what has happened, but realizes she has a woman over and is capable of doing exactly what he's been doing.

Christian goes to the office to confront Sean about his problem (which happens to be right as Raj's father is about to go under the knife), and Raj admits he was the one who applied the sutures. Christian flips out, and Raj's father refuses to complete his surgery since his son made a huge mistake with Christian.

Feeling the pressure, Raj meets up with Matt; they are smoking weed and drinking beer in Matt's car when the episode takes a turn toward a real drama - the two discuss their life struggles and their faulty relationships with their fathers. As quickly as this moment begins, it ends. Raj asks Matt to slam the car door on his hand so that he will no longer feel the pressure to follow in his father's footsteps. Matt continues to refuse until Raj taunts him by saying Sean likes him more and that Sean thinks Matt is a failure. After Matt slams the door, Raj is seen in surgery, but Sean declares that Raj will never have full use of his hand. Neither Matt nor Raj admit the truth; both fathers are under the impression that Raj did this to himself and that is was an accident (Will the truth come out eventually?).

Sean completes the surgery for his patient that wants to look older for his wife/former teacher. When he reveals the results, the wife is obviously just pretending to be happy. She cringes at his new facial hair. The wife is soon caught cheating by her now older looking husband, and she is having sex with his younger brother!

Unbeknown to Christian, Liz walks in on him having sex again, except this time she doesn't say anything and just walks out of the house. She goes to Sean to talk about it, and he later reveals to Christian that Liz has resigned and is planning on moving back to Miami. The fact that she's moving is the only thing that seems to have an affect on Christian (Will the infamous Dr. Christian Troy finally be changing his ways to get Liz back?).

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Story by Jessica Ford

Starpulse contributing writer