"Nip/Tuck" took an emotional turn in the latest episode, a change from the usual style of the show. A patient covered in warts (resembling tree bark) waits to heal and regain mobility after receiving multiple surgeries. Sean (Dylan Walsh) and Christian (Julian McMahon) worked to remove all of the warts covering the patient's entire body pro bono.

Kimber (Kelly Carlson) brings Jenna into the office to have Christian plump her lips again, but he refuses. However, in the process, Kimber spills to Sean that Christian was the one who injected Jenna's lips with collagen the frist time.

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Sean sleeps with Teddy, the new anesthesiologist, in a house that she claims belongs to her. Sean realizes it's an open house when a realtor walks in on them. Sean attempts to fix the situation by saying that they will buy the house.

Christian visits his doctor for a 12-week checkup on his breast cancer, but finds out the tumor is back and he only has about six months to live. This devastating news leads Christian to contemplate suicide.

Sean heads to the desert with Teddy for an usual experience - doing drugs in a tepee. After severe nausea, the pair trip out for a while and Sean has a few strange hallucinations that last into surgery the next day (leaves falling from the ceiling and visions of the patient).

Christian decides against suicide and instead, heads to Miami to propose to Liz (Roma Maffia). Liz accepts the proposal and comes back to Los Angeles. However, she soon realizes that Christian decided to marry her because he's dying and she throws the engagement ring back at him.

Sean finds Teddy waiting for him in the surgery room (in lingerie, of course). She tries to get him to have sex while on nitrous, but he returns to his old self and refuses. She quickly dumps him, but as soon as you think it's finally over between them, they end up going on another date.

Christian eventually tells Sean that he's dying, and in a truthfully heartfelt moment, Sean tells him he doesn't have to worry about being alone. In another emotional moment, the "tree bark" patient finds more warts on his body, realizes they are multiplying, and seems to lose hope that he will ever beat the disease.

On a lighter note, the episode ends with Liz reaccepting Christian's marriage proposal. But it seems like Christian will end up breaking her heart again before everything is said and done (poor Liz!).

Nip/Tuck Cast: Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, John Hensley, Valerie Cruz, Roma Maffia, Jessalyn Gilsig, Kelly Carlson, more

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Story by Jessica Ford

Starpulse contributing writer