The latest episode of "Nip/Tuck," loaded with guest stars, stirs up some controversy from the past and continues to take a turn toward the unusual.

Jennifer Coolidge returns as Hot Coco (formerly known as Candy Richards), a female white rapper who decides she is really an African American, and asks for plastic surgery to obtain a "Beyonce ass." Coco requests that her demo song "Yo Stink" be played during her surgery (the music video that follows is beyond ridiculous).

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After having sex with Christian (Julian McMahon), Liz (Roma Maffia) is still questioning her sexuality and decides to go on a date with a male anesthesiologist named Steven.

Olivia (Portia De Rossi) returns and is looking for Sean (Dylan Walsh) to complete a laundry list of plastic surgeries. Olivia also drops a bombshell on Sean, letting it slip that she is moving to New York with Julia (Joely Richardson) and his children.

Christian attends a breast cancer support group meeting and encounters Roxy, a woman whose mother and grandmother both died from the disease. After a sexual escapade, Roxy asks Christian to remove both of her breasts so she won't have to worry about getting cancer anymore. Roxy comes to the office for her surgery, but right before Christian is about to take the knife to her, he backs out hoping she will reconsider this huge step she's making.

While Sean is cutting open Olivia, he has a fantasy that she talks to him during the surgery. She tells him that it would be easier if he killed her right there on the table, and she plays into his insecurities about his lost relationship with Julia. During this fantasy, Olivia begins truly "coding" on the operating table and is rushed to the hospital.

Roxy returns to the McNamara/Troy office and cuts off one of her own breasts in the lobby (quite a disturbing scene). Christian and Liz realize what has happened and take Roxy into surgery to finish what she started.

Back at the hospital, Sean and Julia are informed that Olivia has died, and Sean realizes that he's lost Julia forever. Julia vows to find out if Sean did this on purpose, but it's later revealed that she was secretly taking anti-depressants which should not be mixed with the anesthesia she received in surgery (now the question is, did Olivia do this on purpose?).

While making a dramatic entrance (as always), Eden (Annalynne McCord) returns to confront Julia about her mother's secrets. Eden claims Olivia was in reality the one who shot Julia and that the guilt drove her to take the anti-depressant pills. She also alleges that her mother wanted to die during surgery. Eden, in another disturbing scene, throws her mother's ashes on Julia and Sean before departing.

In a slightly unexpected overall turn of events, Liz confesses to Christian that sex with her date Steven was "hell" and that the sex with him was better because she actually has feelings for him. Liz rambles about how she understands him and his antics, and Christian reveals that Liz is the only woman he has every trusted, sparking the beginning of a relationship. The episode ends with Liz walking with Christian into his room.

Now the only thing left for "Nip/Tuck" is the return of Aidan Stone (Bradley Cooper
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Story by Jessica Ford

Starpulse contributing writer