"Nip/Tuck" continues to bring the unexpected as Christian (Julian McMahon) and Sean (Dylan Walsh) deal with their own imperfections and insecurities in unique ways.

Christian's chemotherapy treatments are beginning to catch up to him as he spends the majority of the episode throwing up. He continues his normal surgery routine, but begins to rely heavily on Liz (Roma Maffia) for support.

Kimber (Kelly Carlson) makes an appearance in the episode when she brings her daughter, Jenna, over for Matt to baby sit as scheduled. However, she's a day early and ends up paying Wilbur's nanny $200 to watch Jenna while she gets a massage. Kimber, always playing the heartless female, tells Christian his scars are "disgusting" and that she's surprised he didn't get cancer sooner after mistreating so many women, since his cancer is "karma."

Sean develops a sexual relationship with one of the students he is overseeing, and continues to revel in the attention he's receiving for being in a wheelchair (although he's faking that he's still unable to walk). This student has "stalker" written all over her, and treats Sean like he's her baby, literally (details to come).

Sean continues to refuse to perform any surgeries and has Raj, one of the other students he oversees, take his place working next to Christian. In true "Nip/Tuck" fashion, Raj ends up receiving oral sex from a patient's wife for a job well done (the husband completely approves) only to find out that she's really a man (this is discovered in a classic urinal scene, of course).

After enduring Kimber's harsh remarks, Christian tries to revive his manhood by soliciting a Craigslist hooker. After things go badly with the hooker, Christian calls on Liz to help him out. She takes care of him and gives him a sleeping pill. He asks her to stay until he falls asleep and she agrees. During the night, Christian rolls onto Liz and proceeds to have sex with her, all the while acting as if he's still asleep and out of it from the sleeping pill (he opens his eyes afterward, but hides this from her). Liz, who is supposed to be a lesbian, doesn't say anything to stop Christian, sheds a single tear, and bolts in the morning.

In the office later, Christian admits to Liz (in front of Sean and Raj) that he was awake and was fully aware that he had sex with her. Liz freaks out and tells Christian that he was a "lousy lay" and that she faked an orgasm. However, Liz discloses to Raj that she's now questioning her sexuality.

In one of the weirder scenes of the night, Sean is back to hooking up with his crazy student, but she gets way too into taking care of him ... she proceeds to put him in a diaper! This finally pushes him over the edge and he jumps up to kick her out of his house, in turn revealing that he is able to walk. At the same time Sean's pushing her out the front door, Julia (Joely Richardson) enters the house through the back door because she wants to help him out by stocking the refrigerator. Sean doesn't see her, but she sees him walking without any trouble and quickly lets Christian and Matt (John Hensley) in on his secret.

Christian decides to not call Sean out on lying about his inability to walk, he instead tells him to take his time with his recovery. The episode ends with Christian throwing up again from the chemotherapy and Sean entering into the bathroom sans wheelchair to console him, thus revealing his secret to Christian.

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Story by Jessica Ford

Starpulse contributing writer