Well the finale of "Nip/Tuck" was pretty much a letdown. There was no more drama than a usual episode. I was expecting CRAZY but was left with mediocre.

Christian (Julian McMahon) and Sean (Dylan Walsh) have a vampire couple come in for a consultation after an incident where the man's bite was nearly fatal for his partner - he punctured her artery.

Teddy misses a dinner with Sean because she's leading a double life (Shocking!) as "Dixie," a Southern belle who is stringing along a plastic surgeon in another state.

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Christian disinfects the false vampire teeth of his patient and is inspired by the couple's desire for eternal life. This leads him to cryogenics - he contemplates having his body frozen when he is on the brink of death, hoping that a cure for cancer will be found and his body can be brought back to life.

Eden (Annalynne McCord) and Ram decide to kick Kimber (Kelly Carlson) out of their bed because her youth has slipped away. Kimber leaves Ram's house and takes Jenna to Matt (John Hensley) in hopes that he will take care of her until she finds an apartment in a few weeks. Matt tells Kimber he wants to get an apartment as a family but she pretty much laughs in his face. He also spills to Kimber that Christian is marrying Liz (Roma Maffia) and that he's dying of cancer.

Teddy makes dinner for Sean to make up for flaking on him. She tells him that her aunt died and that's why she's been away so much lately. Her love for nitrous oxide reveals itself again and she inhales some before she has sex with Sean.

Kimber threatens Liz by saying she loves Christian and that he really loves her. Kimber even claims she will marry him and be the one to take care of him as he dies. Liz of course calls her out on just wanting his money and tells her to stay away from Christian.

Christian gives up on the idea of freezing his body when he realizes he would have to share a tank with another body. He cries to Sean and tells him he's not ready to go yet. Christian also has trouble writing his wedding vows (an obvious foreshadowing).

Teddy, I mean "Dixie," gives her other plastic surgeon lover nitrous oxide, except this time she holds the mask to his face and kills him. (I knew she was crazy!)

Kimber shows up at the wedding. When the priest asks if anyone objects, she stands up, cries, doesn't say anything and walks out of the church.

The biggest disappointment was the predictable ending that, of course, Christian can't be dying (there would be no show without his character). It turns out there was a mix up with his test results and his cancer is really in remission. He finds this information out right as he is about to leave on his honeymoon with Liz, the woman he married because he thought he only had six months to live…

Story by Jessica Ford

Starpulse contributing writer