Nina Dobrev sheds her top in the new trailer for the hilarious-looking Let's Be Cops.

Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Ryan (Jake Johnson) are a pair of struggling 30-year-olds who decide to dress as cops for a costume party, where they begin to take their outfits seriously. One thing leads to another, and Ryan buys an old police car on eBay so the two begin acting like the real men in blue, despite knowing that what there doing is probably going to land them in some serious trouble with the law.

Dobrev, making her return to the big screen for the first time since 2012's "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," plays a waitress at a local diner that Justin and Ryan frequent, becoming attracted to Justin when the two show up in uniform. One thing leads to another, and when Justin is ready to reveal that he's not a real cop, she's ready to take things to the next level and removes her top, prompting him to keep up the charade.

Warning: the trailer above contains adult language and drug use.

The red-band trailer for the film debuted earlier this week.