Our look ahead to Nikita's final season wraps up with words from the star of the show - the lovely and crazy talented Maggie Q! Here's what she had to say about her preferred ending and how her first TV experience has affected her.

"I am so thrilled because I really wanted always for the show to go out with a bang. My worst fear for this character was that it [would be] so drawn out that people weren't interested anymore," Maggie explained. "For her, I think that creatively as an artist, to really go out with a bang was my dream."

Still, there's one more thing she'd like to cover in Nikita's last six episodes. "I think what's interesting is we did discover Alex's backstory with her parents, we now know where Amanda sort of came from, [but] we don't know that about me still," she said. "I want to know who her parents are. Let's be honest, Nikita's from stock that lends herself to who she is. She's somebody's product. And I kind of want to know who that is."

Then there's the thorny matter of how the show should end. Many Nikita fans are also fans of the central romance between Nikita and Michael (Shane West), and are still holding out hope that the couple will get their happily ever after. However, this is a spy show, and those don't usually end with everyone going to Disneyland. What does Maggie think is the proper way to wrap things up?

"I have two sides to me. I want some resolution for her. I really hope for happiness for her," she told us. "But on the other side, that's not always totally realistic. It doesn't always work out with somebody that's led a life like this."

"I just think people would be too heartbroken if it didn't work out for them. They've been fighting for so long that hopefully something happens for them," she continued. "You have to find a happy medium where people can feel good about it, but I [also] still want a visceral reaction and not just a happy [ending]."

Nikita was Maggie's first TV series, and hailed as groundbreaking at the time for a number of reasons, including the casting of an Asian-American actress in the lead. We asked her if the experience unfolded the way she thought it might when she took on the role four seasons ago.

"Pretty much. The thing is I don't really go out with an expectation, which I think has helped me a lot, because it allows me to focus," she reflected. "As an actor, when I show up, all I can do is do what I do to the best of my ability. And then the result or the fallout or the bonuses from that is what it is. I've been afforded and blessed with the opportunity to make my own show."

Speaking of blessings, Maggie also made a point of thanking Nikita's loyal and vocal fans. "I want to extend the ultimate gratitude from someone who had no idea that anybody would be interested in me or making this," she told us. "The fact that you guys have cared about what we built has meant the world to me and I'll never forget this experience, whether I ever go back on TV again or not."

Nikita returns tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW; don't miss what will be an explosive final season, and stay tuned right here for our recaps of each of the last six episodes.

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