The end is here. Nikita's series finale is upon us, appropriately titled 'Canceled.' It's a good moniker for so many reasons: because it's the last episode of the show; because within the series, that word is used to mean 'killed,' and death is a big part of this plot; and because now it's understandable why this is Nikita's swan song.

Continuing the idea of going back to the beginning that started with the last scene of 'Bubble', this episode opens with a flashback to Nikita's early days at Division, with Amanda giving her a lecture on how "brute force will never be as effective as deception."

Back in the present time, Nikita and Alex are stopping a Department of Corrections van that has Amanda's business partner Jones inside. Nikita wants answers from Jones, specifically the names of the other seven members of the mysterious Group, before she blows up the van with him inside as payback for Ryan's death. When the incident hits the news, everyone else back at home knows exactly who's responsible.

"She's just getting started," Michael states, as we're treated to cutscenes of our leading ladies dispatching other bad  guys that we've never so much as glimpsed before. It's hard to believe that it takes this discussion for Team Nikita to figure out that terminating the Group would leave more than fifty clones running around unsupervised. None of these folks are dumb; did they just think that all the clones would give up and move to Bermuda? Does nobody remember that this is exactly how we got the Dirty Thirty?

Anyhow, another flashback shows Michael and Amanda discussing Nikita getting into another fight with other agents at Division; Michael recommends that Nikita be canceled, but Amanda disagrees. Michael foreshadows the events of the series by telling Amanda that Nikita could end up destroying Division. And in the present day, he still thinks his soulmate is a loose cannon. "Stop her," says the random Senator from last week. "Do whatever you have to do."

While Amanda and Amanda's Boss have another conversation that ends with him telling her that she's no longer sitting at the adults' table, Alex and Nikita have set up a new dive of a hideout, and crash the Group's emergency meeting in upstate New York. (That's right, Division was headquartered in New Jersey, and The Group's home base is just the next state over. Apparently the Northeast is popular with secret organizations.)