Here we are: the Nikita season finale, picking up where "Invisible Hand" left off. In true Nikita season finale fashion, "Til Death Do Us Part" is an hour full of major twists and turns, jumping the show's narrative forward in a major way yet again. Whether or not it pays off is a matter of preference.

The show opens with a bang - literally - as Nikita has apparently shot the President in the head in the Oval Office. Because she could totally do that unnoticed without a ton of Secret Service agents swarming her. Uh...anyway, twelve hours earlier, she's wandering around an empty Division when Ryan shows up and tells her everyone's getting pardoned. He asks if there's something she wants to say, but she doesn't because Amanda's in her ear. So Ryan wanders off thinking that everything is fine, at least until Sonya gives him the rundown on the nanotoxin. Then our favorite bureaucrat starts to worry.

Meanwhile, Michael has figured out that Nikita was lying to him about being alone in that aquaduct for twenty-plus minutes last week, and confronts his fiancee, convinced that Amanda has brainwashed her just like she did with Alex previously. Nikita's response is to pull her gun on him. In fact, she doesn't just pull the gun, she starts shooting in his direction. "I don't want to hurt you, but I will," she says, before getting on her motorcycle and taking off. Just guessing, but that might put a crimp in their wedding plans. Even if everyone figures out in about a minute and a half that Nikita's been bugged, and that her ultimate target is President Spencer.

Ending up in Georgetown, Nikita runs into the President's personal aide, and asks if she can get on the President's calendar that day, because it's super-important. When that doesn't work, the gun comes out again. A few threats later, she gets what she wants. Alex and Michael promptly zoom onto the scene, explaining that they know what's going on, and Michael does not like the knowledge that he's got nanotoxin in his super-hand.

Alex thinks there's a Plan B, with a scientist named Kang. As far as we know, Kang does not have a brother named Kodos. Alex and Michael pay him a visit, and ask if he knows a way to counter the nanotoxin. Michael volunteers himself as a lab rat to help the doctor, even though his face says he'd rather swallow a chainsaw. Unfortunately, Dr. Kang doesn't get too far past the front door of his lab before the nanotoxin kills him, too. Is there a Plan C?

Nikita gets into the White House through the restricted-access tunnels that Ryan used to use, and connects with a mole there, who provides her a gun and escorts her toward the Oval Office. No one stops her since she's already on the calendar, but President Spencer knows who she really is, and is not thrilled to see her. Before Nikita can do anything, Michael hijacks Nikita's earpiece and lies to her, saying that he has the antidote for the nanotoxin. This prompts Nikita to tell the President everything she knows...only for the President to grab the gun and shoot herself in the head.