Back in the interrogation room, Ari reveals to Nikita that the "Crimson Resistance" are armed with the last few weapons he bought from Cyrus (the arms dealer from "Sideswipe") - so Amanda could easily frame Division for whatever she tries to do next. It's just another way for Amanda to try and ruin Nikita's life. Our enraged heroine informs Ari that he's never getting out of Division.

Alex and Owen head to Pittsburgh to see what the crime scene will tell them. This also gives Alex a chance to ask Owen if he remembers any more of his past. He's not sure that he wants to, because he thinks he used to be a soldier named Sam and "I killed all my friends." She encourages him not to let what Amanda did to him define who he is presently, before she gets Birkhoff to look at cell phone records as a way of pinpointing the location of the next attack.

Nikita reminds Ari that she had a chance to kill him several years earlier, but spared his life and that of his young son Stefan, but he retorts that Amanda had told him to bring his son because she knew Nikita was "a killer with a conscience" and wouldn't take the shot. Nikita tries to get him on her side by playing on their mutual dislike of Amanda, but he doesn't budge. To make things worse, Ryan tells Nikita and Michael that they barely have the money to pay Ari even if they wanted to - Division's privately funded operating budget stands at 53 million dollars. Giving the Russian what he wants would essentially shut down the entire organization.

As the "Crimson Resistance" increases its attacks, Nikita snaps and decides that she's going to break Ari, perhaps literally. Even as he bleeds, he finds the time to taunt her about her relationship with Michael, comparing it to his broken one with Amanda. "There's no forever in this business," he warns her, and her response is to suffocate him, at least until Michael physically intervenes. Her fiancee then has to stop her from trying to chop off Ari's hand. Michael encourages Ari to start talking, but the Russian recognizes this as the "good cop, bad cop" technique and balks.

The next attack seems to be in Columbus, Ohio. Alex and Owen head there, while Owen bemoans how much of a "third wheel" he seems to be, unintentionally getting between Michael and Nikita, and now Alex and Sean. The two talk about the history behind their tattoos while Sean listens in over comms, Alex telling Owen that her butterfly is in memory of a girl she knew in a brothel who dreamed of flying on butterfly wings - until she tried it and fell to her death. This sad moment is truncated by the pair spotting the target: an average suburban family walking into their average home. Alex shoots the woman emerging from the minivan across the street with a huge gun, but can't get any information out of her before she dies.

Back at Division, Nikita and Michael strategize what else they can possibly do to Ari, and Nikita finally realizes that Ari wants the exorbitant sum of money for Stefan. "I'm trying to give my son a life - a real life, away from all this," he confesses, saying that the money is for a trust fund and a caretaker who can protect the kid from all the various folks Ari has crossed. The Russian has accepted that his life will end in a prison cell, but he wants better for his child. Nikita points out that since they can't come up with the money to pay the caretaker, the only thing truthfully standing between Ari's son and Amanda is her. This convinces Ari to give her the name and phone number of Amanda's new accomplice.

"Something's happened," Amanda deduces when the next attack fails to happen. She and her partner revise their strategy, moving up their timetable. At least, that's what the other guy thinks, until Amanda kills him in the middle of his own broadcast and phones the counter-terrorism authorities. She then dials Nikita to inform her that she knows Division has Ari, and that she's going after Stefan. "Ari betrayed me," she says. "The boy is fair game." Ominous phone click.

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