Mia rants to Nikita about making her previous sins with Division right by taking out the U.S. Senator. "You were supposed to tear that place down. You kept it running," she seethes, before the two engage in a brief fistfight that ends when Mia throws Nikita out a window. The whole exchange confuses Nikita. "I went there to kill this crazy bitch and I found myself looking in a mirror," she tells Alex as they're both sitting in Medical afterward.

While Michael and Sean work an angle that Joshua may be ex-military (and Sean teases Michael about going soft because of his engagement), Ryan explains to Nikita that he's made arrangements with the Senator's people for them to attend the rally as FBI agents and take Mia out. Nikita balks and says that she wants to bring Mia in alive.

Nikita and Michael meet with the Senator and the head of his security detail to discuss their response plan, which includes use of Birkhoff's "unmanned tactical robot" and a shock baton that shouldn't set off Mia's suicide vest. Meanwhile, Sean checks up on Alex and the two share another personal moment as he tells her that he, too, is questioning his purpose with the new Division. "You had a life before all this. You could have it again," he tells her, but she retorts that she believes in Nikita and asks why he's still there. He hesitates before he replies, "I guess some things are worth fighting for."

As the rally gets underway at the arena, Nikita has an epiphany and sneaks up behind Mia, but Mia says she's "not the only one." Cut to a security checkpoint outside, where it's revealed that there's a second terrorist, identity unknown. Nikita shakes Mia and gives her a speech about how Joshua is "Percy all over again" before giving her another shock for good measure.

Sean and Alex discover that Joshua is in fact a former Army Ranger, and that he's got a partner - the head of the Senator's security detail. They get this information to Michael just moments before said security agent wants a word with him, and Michael confronts the other man, leading him to try and shoot Michael before he runs off. Michael pursues him, having figured out that the two are working together to drum up new clients for the security firm, hence the Cayman Islands bank accounts. Joshua's terrorist attack was never supposed to succeed.

Joshua and his business partner try to come up with a Plan B, which involves kidnapping the senator, holding him for ransom and then rescuing him before blaming everything on Third Wave. Joshua also thinks going ahead with blowing things up in the arena would be a great distraction. Thanks to a nifty trick courtesy of Birkhoff, Sonya and the unmanned robot, Mia hears this whole conversation and wonders aloud, "What have I done?" She tells Nikita who the other bomber is and where he is, while Michael and Sean catch up with Joshua and his partner. This time, Michael gets the better of Joshua.

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