The third episode of Nikita's third season again plays with the ideas of belief and skepticism, as Nikita and company contend with a Division agent who is willing to die for what she believes in - which is not anything that falls in line with the new precepts of Division.

It seems that the no longer so shadowy government agency still has one active mission on its books. Undercover Division agent Mia (Scottie Thompson, previously on NCIS) is about to have a really bad day, as she's arrested by the FBI with Ryan. Ryan explains to Nikita, Michael and Sean that Mia was inside a terrorist group called Third Wave, but is now being held at a supermax facility in Virginia, and he would like their help getting her out - as well as in stopping the new terrorist attack that Mia was trying to warn him about.

Trying to suss out what Mia was tryng to tell Ryan before she was arrested, Michael and Sean wonder why Third Wave is interested in a hockey arena in Virginia. No sooner have they arrived on the premises then they're stopped by a private security detail belonging to a U.S. Senator, who's hosting a "welcome home the troops" event at the arena the very next day. The lightbulb immediately goes on over Michael's head.

Meanwhile, Alex and Nikita sneak their way into the supermax to free Mia. Mia is skeptical about the new incarnation of Division, but decides to go along with their plan - at least until she gets outside and grabs hold of a guard's gun. "You'll never stop Third Wave!" she yells as she shoots Alex and makes her escape. Nikita and Sean rush Alex to Division Medical, while Birkhoff unloads on the entire room for Sonya missing the guard that Mia snatched the gun from, at least until Nikita walks in and the sight of her covered in Alex's blood stops him.

Mia arrives at the staging area where Third Wave is preparing for their attack, and reunites with her terrorist compatriots. She tells the head honcho Joshua (David Meunier, also known as Johnny Crowder on FX's Justified) that she was undercover for Division when they met, and that information does not go over well. He eventually relents, possibly because she clearly has a romantic interest in him, before he shows her the suicide vest she'll be wearing.

A wounded Alex works with Birkhoff, and advises him to fix the tension between himself and Sonya before it causes any more problems. While they're having that chat, he discovers that Joshua has a few bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, all linked to shell companies. One of the listed addresses is a mere six miles from the arena. Nikita, Michael and a Division strike team go there, which happens to be the staging area, and Nikita confronts both Joshua and Mia, who's wearing the very armed suicide vest. Reluctantly, Nikita allows Joshua to leave, which is to say he gets downstairs and ends up meeting Michael's elbow with his face. Ultimately, though, he escapes.