Owen Elliot was sorely missed in last week's episode of Nikita, but never fear because Devon Sawa is back in "Masks" and his character is even more of a badass than before - after the show runs him through the wringer, that is.

Yet there's some unfinished business to take care of first. After a certain someone was shot previously, an enraged Nikita is on the warpath, interrogating rogue agent Rachel as the other woman takes the fall for Alex pulling the trigger. Watching the conversation alongside Sean, Alex still sounds like a little bit of a disaffected robot. Not that Sean notices.

All of this is interrupted by the announcement that the thorn in Division's side turned unwilling ally, Commander Evan Danforth, is dead. Nikita immediately fingers Amanda as the guilty party, and phones Owen - whose job it was to keep an eye on Danforth - to find out what exactly happened. "We dropped the ball on surveillance," she declares, but Owen doesn't seem to be too offended by this statement. He's sent by Michael to clean Danforth's apartment of all its Division bugs, as Michael is now acting boss of Division while Ryan continues to spend time in Medical.

When Owen gets to Danforth's apartment, he gets injected with a mild paralytic agent and there's Amanda, who declares the former cleaner "far more valuable alive." She also refers to him by his real name, Sam. That's the cue for a flashback to our hero's apparent military days, which did not go well. When Owen comes to, Amanda is gone but Nikita is there, asking him if he's okay. He proceeds to rattle off facts about his former life as Delta Force operator Sam Matthews, declaring "I remember." Ladies and gentlemen, we have just opened Pandora's Box.

Owen recounts what happened once he gets back to Division, and has a further heart-to-heart with Nikita, telling her that "flashes" of his past are coming back after his encounter with Amanda. Nikita wants to know what Amanda is up to. Speaking of being up to something, somewhere else in the building, Alex is meeting with the rest of her mutineers, and declares that she'll "handle Birkhoff" so that they can do something about their trackers.

Birkhoff is meeting with Nikita and Owen, trying to dig up information on Owen's former military unit. Owen tells them that the other members of his unit were smuggling heroin, he caught them, and then was shot. "I killed them all," he explains. "Amanda was right. I killed all my friends." Only one person survived: a Corporal Scott Atkins, who's now in Baltimore. Road trip!

After some needling from Alex, Michael addresses the entirety of Division, telling them that Danforth's death "changes nothing" and that "everything is under control. We just need to focus and keep doing our jobs." Apparently that's not what Alex was hoping for, because she makes her unimpressed face again.

She then goes to chat up Birkhoff, expressing a desire to leave Division. "Every mission leads to another. Every secret leads to ten more. Ryan's in a coma, and for what?" she questions. Seeming to get where she's coming from, Birkhoff admits that he asked Sonya to leave Division with him, but that his girlfriend declined. Before Alex can make her pitch to him, Sean walks in and effectively ends the conversation.