Back at Division, Nikita retrieves the gun Cyrus left behind in St. Lucia and finds a napkin stuffed inside of it, with a handy note from the arms dealer telling her exactly where Ari is headed: Krilov Industries. That tip-off proves to be an unwise decision on his part, as Anne knocks Cyrus out and Amanda decides to torture him for what he knows about Nikita. Under that kind of duress, he tells her that Nikita knows about Ari's deal. She then sends a video call to Nikita herself. showing her a bleeding Cyrus. Nikita decides to rescue Cyrus, and entrusts Alex with the job of catching Ari.

Meanwhile, Birkhoff continues his mole hunt and is shocked to see that the mole's messages are coming from Sonya's terminal. This, of course, does not go over well with him. Birkhoff takes Sonya downstairs and confronts her with a gun, demanding to know how long she's been betraying Division. "Is that why we were together?" he asks her. "Was any of it real, what happened between us? Any of it?" Tearfully, she tells him that Amanda reactivated her kill chip, that there's someone else inside, and that the gas-bombing of Medical was a warning to her. He relents and offers her help.

Nikita and Michael find Cyrus, who tells them that Amanda is gone and reveals that he's sitting on a bomb. "There's no way to disarm the bomb on-site," Amanda taunts Nikita via video, while Cyrus apologizes for telling her about their plan to catch Ari. Cyrus begs Nikita to leave him there, but she decides to press her luck by standing right in front of the bomb, betting that Amanda won't detonate it with her in the blast radius. Amanda relents, and Nikita and Michael rescue Cyrus.

When Alex and her team arrive at the Krilov factory, they lose their communication with Division and a massive gunfight breaks out. Even as bodies fall al around her, Alex refuses to back down, and is saved at the last moment by an arriving Sean as Ari escapes into the night. "Michael said you might need some backup," Sean tells Alex, and they share an embrace. The next day, however, their relationship is still cold.

Meanwhile, Nikita tells Cyrus that she knows she hasn't seen the last of Amanda: "She's not done with me yet."

Ryan asks Cyrus if he can still operate his business after everything that's happened. When he replies in the affirmative, Ryan reinstates him, hoping that he'll get them what they need for operations and come over to their side. "I like a challenge," Cyrus replies, and Ryan informs him that they will be in touch. As she leaves, Nikita asks Cyrus again why he never gave her up, and he replies that "You were doing the right thing. Let's just say that you remind me of someone."

At another team meeting, Nikita tells everyone that "I am her plan," going on to say that she's realized that Amanda is out to see her suffer and doesn't want her dead - she wants all of them dead.

If you've missed any Nikita episodes so far in Season 3, you can catch up with recaps at the links below. Nikita returns on Friday, January 18.

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