Nikita's midseason finale is one with a bang. Arms dealer Cyrus (Old Spice commercial star Isaiah Mustafa) is surprised to see Nikita wak into his business deal. He congratulates her and Michael on their engagement but gets uncomfortable when she says she wants Amanda as a wedding present.

Amanda is watching the news reports of the death of the President of Uzbekistan with Anne in their new lair. The pair get a message from their mole in Division - and Birkhoff and Sonia watch it happen.

During his interrogation, Cyrus tells Michael and Nikita that life as a rogue agent is a lot better than "the underground bunker in New Jersey" and that he deals mostly with Amanda's boyfriend, Ari Tasarov (guest star Peter Outerbridge). Cyrus suggests that Michael and Nikita crash his meeting with Ari, where he's supposed to be selling him a major piece of technology called 'Sideswipe' that Ari wants to give to his friends back in Russia. Nikita convinces Ryan to let her make a deal with Cyrus if it means capturing Ari and getting to Amanda.

Cyrus gets a new tracker put into him - one that zaps him if he decides to run - while Alex takes out her anger on a punching bag in the Division gym. A flashback shows Amanda talking to her about her drug addiction and how "sometimes that need will become rage." Back in the present time, Michael tells her that "you don't look fine" and asks her if she's heard from Sean. Alex avoids the question and pops another pill as soon as Michael is out of her sight.

The whole gang travels to St. Lucia, where Cyrus and Nikita wait to acquire Sideswipe while Michael and Alex observe the impending deal. Alex is obviously edgy, and resists Michael's second inquiry about her well-being. Cyrus tells Nikita that she should let him vanish after they capture Ari because she's not the only person who can track someone through their weapons. Thanks to one gun she bought, he's known where she was for a long time and never told anyone. She asks why, but before he can answer it's time to meet their contact.

Cyrus gets his hands on Sideswipe and when he activates it, it jams everyone's trackers and earpieces. He then tells his contact that Nikita is an Interpol agent and takes off running while she, Michael and Alex have to dispatch all the foreign thugs. Alex takes this a bit too far and nearly beats someone's face in before Michael restrains her. By the time the two of them catch up with Nikita, Cyrus is gone.

He eventually meets with Ari and Amanda, the latter of whom wants to know about the "trouble in St. Lucia," but he brushes it off. When Amanda's mole tells her that Nikita has returned from the Caribbean, though, she grows suspicious. As Ari walks off with Sideswipe, she glares at Cyrus.