The theme of this season of Nikita seems to be everyone's past crawling out of the woodwork (see: Alex's mom, Michael's son), so it's not surprising that this week we meet Nikita's mentor.

Things start in New Jersey, where Percy is having Roan off a Newark detective in an alley in the middle of the night, because that's where these things happen. The next morning, Nikita and Michael (who appears to have gotten a haircut since Percy's dig about his looks last week) are sparring, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Alex. "Amanda definitely has complete control of Division," she says. "No Oversight, no boundaries. Want to know what she's doing with all that power? Nothing." The only thing Amanda seems to have any interest in is allegedly getting Alex's mother out of Russia, so that Alex will help her get control of Zetrov.

Later that night, Birkhoff gets a hold of our heroes to inform them about the murder of the detective - who happened to be the partner of the cop Nikita was accused of killing years ago. There's Percy on camera being a tool, which triggers another flashback for Nikita. "He's trying to shake me up," she tells a bewildered Michael. Percy gets back in touch with her not long after, saying, "We share a common enemy." When she doesn't want to help him overthrow Division, he changes his tune and says, "I'm going to take something from you. Someone you love." That happens to be Carla Bennett (Erica Gimpel), the woman who pulled Nikita off the streets before Division. Cue the angst.

Nikita gives Michael (and us) a flashback-inclusive primer on her past with Carla, ignoring Michael's comment that this is probably a trap. "You don't owe this woman anything. She abandoned you, she let you down," he tries to tell her, but she retorts that "I let her down. Carla got me clean, but I relapsed." When Nikita returned, she found out that Carla had been on the run from a previous drug charge in another state, hence the cops, and "things got out of control."

Meanwhile, at Division, Amanda has a perfect plan for Alex to make her public re-emergence, from a drafted public statement to a new, expensive wardrobe. "Your very existence puts Semak in a precarious position," she reminds Alex. "Everything he has is rightfully yours." Alex repeats that she has no interest in the company - and is shocked when Sonya later discovers that Amanda has Carla at the top of her kill list, even above Percy. Yeowch.

Madeline is making a public statement of her own, but it's clear from her face that something's up with it. That's because she's quoting Carla, in a statement obviously designed to warn the woman. Unfortunately for her, Percy hears it too and Roan starts listening in on everything she's saying, including her meeting with Michael and Nikita. When Carla does finally make contact, it's not safe, but Nikita doesn't know that as they agree to connect in Baltimore.

Nikita and Michael go there to meet her, only to find out that she's fallen on hard times. Nikita wants to know what Carla did to tick off Amanda, and Michael is not happy to find out that Carla used to be Division. He worked there for a decade and he doesn't know who she is. He's even less thrilled when Percy, Roan and some thugs show up and start shooting. Erica decides to go have a chat with Percy, and tells him to "leave her the hell out of this mess." They drive off together, leaving Michael and Nikita to figure out what just happened.

It doesn't take Michael long to figure out that Percy used Nikita to find Carla, not the other way around. The why is another matter, as Carla has an almost affectionate moment with Roan (which is kinda creepy, all things considered) before catching up with Percy. She confronts him about sending an agent to her house to kill her a dozen years earlier, and he apologizes, saying that Amanda told him that Carla was going to expose the program. "The day after she put me in a cell, she reinstated your kill order," he continues. "That's a long way to go for a grudge."